Recommended Hot Tub Circuit Board For Replacing Your Hot Tub Parts

A hot tub can be separated by the supported components that work for getting the great performance. Actually, it is completed by some hot tub parts that have different task in running. For example for the circuit board, it is a part for controlling one component to others components. The hot tub circuit board is a kind of thin board made of a type of fiber. Furthermore, the circuit board, fuse holders, and transformers are all of Electronic systems and Control for a hot tub. The hot tub circuit board is really important parts in hot tub performance.


hot tub circuit board
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1. Balboa Expander PCB – CE 30A 55025

This expander board place on the top of heater that is fitted with a 30A fuse to give one extra blower or pump. The price of this circuit board is about £42.49 that you can find in the European store.

2. Balboa Expander PCB – CE 30A 55138

The circuit board enables to upgrade the GS/GL spa control capability and allow you to control the box in running an additional of 2 pumps. You can purchase this balboa expander PCB about £55.99. There are so many balboa expander series that is available in the store.

3. Balboa PCB – 54126 M3 Spa Pack

This kind of circuit board is an original balboa that can replace the board labeled 54126. It is matched to older Balboa M3 spa control packs and very compatible with the balboa ML topside controls. To be better, you can install this circuit board by a professional electrician or tradesman. The PCB have to be fitted with the dip switch settings. The price of Balboa PCB circuit board is a little expensive about £374.99.

4. Balboa PCB – 54134 Super Duplex M1TUV

It is same as the Balboa PCB 54126 that compatible with Balboa VL404, VL 402 and VL topside controls. Furthermore, this PCB will not run for MRSPA1 spa packs. You can get in with £229.99 price. Moreover, this circuit board is a unique hot tub component where it can operate on the same jet button. The sequence of button consists of several press speeds.

1st Press – Pump 1 low speed

2nd Press – Pump 1 high speed

3rd Press – Pump 2 high speed and Pump 1 high speed

4th Press – Pump 1 off

5th Press – Pump 2 off

5. Balboa HPL205 Control Board – 7510001

This circuit board is a replacement control board using the Balboa HPL205 Spa pack. It is a kind of European circuit board that you can find in some electrical stores.

6.Balboa PCB Circuit Board- 53259 Discontinued

The circuit board needs the GL – 2000 MK3 system if the PCB board is failed in upgrading the spa pack. Because many electricals are getting fail when they upgrade this circuit board. The upgrading must be done by a professional. You can have it with £369.99 price.

7. Balboa PCB – 53708 GL2000 MK3 Spa Pack

This circuit board is compatible if it matches with Balboa’s High-end ML range of topside controls. Actually, this PCB is suitable for plastic GL2000 MK3 control boxes and does not match with metal GL version. The price of the Balboa PCB is about £364.99.

8. Balboa PCB – 53860

The specifications of Balboa PCB is almost same as the others series. The differences are in the operating and the installing way. The price of this circuit board is about £489.99.

9. SpaForm PCB – 51900 SF100 Spa Pack

This circuit board is licensed by Balboa BA011 that is labeled 51900 fitted to SpaForm spa control packs in controlling the pumps. You can get it with £523.99 price. The SpaForm PCB has some series with a different price. They are SpaForm PCB – 52078 £183.49, SpaForm PCB – 52604 £279.99, SpaForm PCB -52612 £268.99, and SpaForm PCB – 54126 £374.99.

10. Gecko PCB -0201-300046 MSPA – MP CE with Cable Kit

It is only MSPA PCB board offered by Gecko when they discontinued the MSPA line. This circuit board will run on ALL MSPA packs which are sold in Europe. The Gecko has function loss, they are boost mode, cool function and filter clean reminder. The price of Gecko PCB is about £698.99.

11. Davey Spa – Quip PCB Board

This circuit board is a genuine replacement from Davey / Spa Quip. It is made from Australia for Spa Power hot tub spa. Actually, to fit that spa power SP800 including SP800-3, SP800-20 and SP800AU-20. You can buy it with £202.99. There are also some Davey circuit board series, they are SP750 Spa packs £184.49, SP600/601 Spa packs £132.00, and SP1200 Spa Packs £233.99.

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