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Bedroom decoration is not about the look, but how each element of the decor can also create a superbly comfortable nuance. A beautiful bedroom means nothing when it makes you feel anxious instead of calmed.

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The carpet is, of course, something that you can’t leave behind. You might think that it’s not a really important element, but actually, it’s the one that can enhance the attractiveness and comfort of the room at the same time.

Right after you wake up from your deep sleep, the flooring is the one that your toes touch, and most of the time, some flooring materials don’t offer such a ‘good feeling’. So, the carpet then helps you to get a plush feeling when you just start your day. The warmth and softness of the bedroom carpet always make it a good consideration to complete the list of your bedroom decor.

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However, choosing the right bedroom carpet which can do both jobs – to beautify and comfort the room – can be quite overwhelming. Nowadays, you will find tons of options that may look attractive yet don’t provide coziness or vice versa.

How to Choose Bedroom Carpets

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That being said, you need to narrow down your options to ease your bedroom carpet hunts. There are some steps that we have compiled in the tutorial on how to choose bedroom carpets below.

Set Your Budget

Before you even visit those home decor stores (online or offline), set your budget first. Why? Once you have determined how much you’re willing to spend your money, you can freely choose what kind of carpet that you want. 

The price of bedroom carpet is mainly determined by the size and material. Your available budget will help a lot in narrowing down the selections of the bedroom carpets.

Determine the fiber

There are two types of material of carpet fiber which are natural and synthetic. Natural fibers like wool are considered the most expensive option while synthetic ones provide more various options. 

Put texture first

When it comes to bedroom carpets, the texture should come first before the color and pattern. It’s because the texture doesn’t only relate to how the carpet would feel but also how it looks. The saxony pile carpet is the best selling choice, It provides a nice-plush feeling which looks distinctively admirable.

Choose the color and pattern

A carpet is a centerpiece of the bedroom decor which can either make up the room or break it instead. If you want to go with a safer option, of course, the neutral-colored carpet is the one to keep in mind. However, this kind of carpet may not be really good in handling the stain in which one drop of coffee can be clearly visible.


The last step to consider is actually about your personal willingness to maintain the carpet in a long run. In general, the maintenance of the carpet is determined by its material. No worries, if you’re not willing enough, there are some services that provided reliable carpet cleaning.

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