How to Choose Bathroom Tiles on a Budget | A Simple Home Guide

When it comes to bathroom decoration, tiles will always be on top of the list after you consider those fixtures. They don’t only protect your bathroom from water damage but also determine the overall look of the room.

how to choose bathroom tiles a

As you may have known, bathroom tiles are available in millions of options which are mainly about the materials, shapes, colors, and patterns. That being said, it’s not wrong if you find it confusing to choose the one that really suits your bathroom. 

Besides those factors, the budget that you have and your willingness to maintain the tiles also determine what kinds of tiles that you actually need. Some tiles with a catchy design may look so attractive to beautify your bathroom, but they may be offered at expensive price tags or quite hard to maintain on a regular basis.

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That being said, it’s surely a good idea for you to look for some kind of guide that will help you to narrow down the selection of your bathroom tiles. Here we share some steps that you can keep in mind when you are planning on remodeling your old bathroom or building one from scratch.

How to Choose Bathroom Tiles

how to choose bathroom tiles

This tutorial on How to choose bathroom tiles below will show you five steps that you can apply, so you can have a perfect bathroom that looks admirable and feels comfortable at the same time.

Choose the Style

The very first thing that you have to consider is how you want your bathroom to look like or in a more specific way, what kind of decorating style that you already have in mind.  For instance, if you’d like to have a minimalist bathroom, you can go with clean-lined white tiles and choose the rustic-finished ones if you love the rustic overall look.

Measure the size

The look of the tile is not always the color and pattern, but also the size. Commonly, your bathroom flooring needs 12” x 12” or 12” x 24” while the walls tend to be more versatile depending on your own preference, but the smaller ones are more popular.

Consider the maintenance

Generally, the maintenance of bathroom tiles is determined by the materials that made them up. You may need to do some research to find out how each material needs to be maintained to keep its look and function overtimes.

Keep it balanced

Once you have determined the style and size of the tiles, you might want to mix and match some options. It’s never a bad idea actually to bring various tiles design in one bathroom, but you need to keep it balanced. Three styles of tiles in maximum are the wise idea to avoid the overwhelming nuance inside the room.

Make the shower space different

The last step is for you who have a separated shower space. Consider choosing a different type of tiles which offer the anti-skid feature, If you want to make the shower scape draws more attention, install tiles with a different look with the rest of the room.

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