How to Choose the Best Grill for Your Ultimate Outdoor Party

When your beloved patio is all set up, it’s time to complete the feature by adding a grill. You can’t say that you will have a super fun outdoor party without serving some barbecue around.

How to Choose the Best Grill
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To maximize the time, it’s surely important for you to find the right grill that suits your needs. The fuel type, size, safety, and other additional features are some points that you need to consider so you won’t end up purchasing the one that doesn’t provide things that you need.

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In this article, we have compiled some steps that you can follow when you are looking for a new grill to complete the feature of your outdoor living space. Let’s just keep scrolling to check out our buying guide on How to Choose the Best Grill below!

How to Choose the Best Grill

How to Choose the Best Grill 1
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Type of Fuel

The first thing that you can consider to narrow down your choices is to see what kind of fuel type the grill uses. You can see what kind of fuel type which is right for you.

Well, the answer actually depends on how your cooking style is and the plus and minus points of each one of them. Therefore, it’s such a good start to find out the weakness and strengths of each fuel type.

These are some popular options:

Gas Grills

When it comes to the outdoor grill, the ones that use gas are the most popular option. The reason my it becomes everyone’s favorite is that has grill offers nice convenience to control the heat and even distribution to the entire cooking surface.

In general, they use natural gas that connects the grill to the home’s gas supply or attachable liquid propane tank. With such circumstance, then you need to consider the plus and minus points of each gas type. Here’s what you can consider:

  • Natural gas – The thing is natural gas provides clearer burns which is more friendly to the environment and consider cheaper in a long run since you don’t have to refill propane tanks. The downside is that you can’t expect nice mobility due to its fixed connection to the gas line.
  • Liquid Propane Gas – The most popular option of the gas grill is liquid propane since it has nice portability. However,  you might need to spend a lot since you need to refill it.

Charcoal Grill

For you who long for some traditional sensation, a charcoal grill is a nice option. You can feel the smokiness when you cook. Charcoal grills are designed in various styles which look so catchy.

As you may have known, this type of grills uses charcoal briquettes which cause that smoky vibe and add more unique flavor to your food. Due to this type of fuel, you need some time to prepare the grill before cooking which involves lighting and preheating. When you’re done, you need to properly clean the charcoal ash.

In addition, charcoal grills are also a good option for you who have a limited budget. You can find the one that is offered as cheap as $50.

When it comes to charcoal grills, there are some things that you have to keep in mind which include:

  • Airflow – This feature determines how the heat will be regulated in a charcoal grill. The better the airflow is, the easier you can control the heat.
  • Coal access – A good charcoal grill should provide easy access when you need to keep adding coals while cooking around.
  • Safety – With a charcoal grill, you need to build and control the flame manually all by yourself which means you need extra safety. Look for a grill that can control the maximum heat by limiting the coal quantity that you can add into it.

Pallet Grills

Another type of grill that will add unique flavor to your food is the one that uses wood pellets. They come with a hopper that works to hold the pellets on their side. The pellets will move into a burn pot once you ignite the grill and set the temperature.

However, wood pellets are kinda hard to find these days and are offered at more expensive prices than gas or charcoal. You can find pellet grills starting from $350 to $1,300.

Electric Grill

Above all options, the electric grill is the most modern one. This type of grill doesn’t work with flames or coals. With an electric grill, you won’t taste any additional flavor just like the one that you will get from a charcoal or wood grill.  The electric grill is mostly chosen for homeowners who live in an area where the use of grills with smoky fuels is not allowed.

Determine the Size

Once you have determined what type of fuel type suits you best, the next thing is to check the size of the grill that fits your lifestyle. The most popular option is the small to medium size.

For the gas grill, the ones with two burners. They provide good convenience for you who cook for a maximum of four people. It mostly comes with 400 to 500 square inch dimensions.

If you often hold a huge barbecue party, you can consider a larger grill that comes with more than five burners. A three-burner model is good for you who want a gas grill that you can use yo cook racks of ribs or whole chickens.

Consider Additional Features

Some grills are equipped with extra features that will bring your cooking experience to the next level. The most popular extra feature is the side burner which can be useful to heat up your sauce or side dish conveniently.

For you who love to hold a BBQ party here and there, choose a grill that comes with wheels on their legs. Keep in mind that the wheels should also have lock feature to provide nice security.

In these days which are full of high-technology stuff, you can even find some smart grills. You know the deal when it comes to appliances with a ‘smart’ tagline. It allows you to control everything via a mobile app in a very convenient way. You don’t have to stand close to your grill while burning those meats.

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