How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Garden

When you decide to renovate your garden, you need to be mindful of the materials that you use. Choosing flooring that looks good is one thing, but you should also take other things into consideration, for example the maintenance requirements and longevity.

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We’re going to talk you through some of the most popular options to show you the pros and cons. Hopefully this will help you choose the right flooring for your garden.

Porcelain Paving

If you want to create a sophisticated garden space, porcelain paving is an excellent option. It’s made through a process called vitrification, which means that the tiles are formed under intense heat and pressure. This process results in tiles that are incredibly durable and weather-resistant.

One of the great things about porcelain tiles is that they can be designed to look like all different kinds of materials. We’ve seen porcelain pavers that look like natural slate, limestone and even wood!

While porcelain paving might be a slightly more expensive option when compared to other garden flooring options, most people find that it’s worth the investment because it’s very easy to maintain and lasts a lifetime.

Composite Decking

If you want to achieve a more natural look in your garden, you might be tempted to add a deck. Decking has been a staple in gardens across the world for years, and for good reason. It creates a beautiful space where you can easily add a table and chairs, and complements the natural surroundings perfectly.

While there are a lot of different decking materials on the market, composite decking has emerged as one of the most popular in recent times for a few different reasons. First, it’s incredibly durable and easy to maintain because it features a polymer cap. This means it never needs to be sanded, stained or sealed. In addition, composite decking looks and feels exactly like real wood, so you can create an authentic looking deck without the hassle.

Composite decking will also last much longer than standard timber or plastic boards, so if you’re looking for a deck that will last for years to come, this is an excellent option.

Natural Grass

Natural grass is a very popular garden flooring option because it gives your outdoor space a natural finish and improves your garden’s appearance – not to mention it’s great for the environment! Of course, if you decide to add a lawn to your garden, you need to be prepared to maintain it with regular lawn care treatments. This includes watering, mowing, checking for pest and diseases.

If you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of a lawn, you might be better adding a wild grass meadow to your garden space. You can purchase wildflower seeds from most garden retailers, and once sown, you will have a beautiful garden space that doesn’t require much maintenance at all. These kinds of wild areas are ideal if you want to attract bees, butterflies and other wildlife into your garden.

Choosing garden flooring for your outdoor space is easy when you know what options are available. We hope that we’ve helped you choose the right garden flooring option for your home.

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