How to Decorate a Student’s Room on a Budget

Choosing to live in a university comes with excitement because you get to enjoy the freedom that comes with customizing your room. Whether you are a returning student or coming in as a fresher, decorating your living space is very important.

Since most rented accommodation is not usually stylish, decorating them is an excellent way of creating a homely atmosphere. Whereas decorating a room may sound involving and expensive, there are various ways of doing it well and on a budget.

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Use wall decals

 Wall decals are amazing ways to enlighten your room and bring it to life cost-effectively. If you are not interested in creating custom designs using other DIY procedures, use wall decals to snazz up your furniture, walls, and doors.

If you want to learn more about making patterns or letters on your walls and part of your wall decals, enroll in a hand lettering design course. This is an excellent way of enhancing design skills in preparation for a career after college. Make a pattern with wall decals or dot them around dull doors or walls to come up with a better look.

  Get separators and storage boxes

 For a small room, consider making the most out of the available space by investing in separators and storage boxes. Storage boxes are great for the inside or top of your wardrobe because they help in saving storage space.

If you have some space under your bed, try to fit in the storage space in there and ensure ease of accessibility to your favorite items. Get drawer separators to optimize your drawer space regardless of the size.

 Incorporate some plants

With or without interest in horticulture, you cannot go wrong with decorative plants in your room. Plants can bring a dull room into life, create a great living atmosphere, and bring fresh air to the room.

Some easy-to-maintain plants such as cacti, succulents, snake plants, aloe vera, and money trees are great options to consider. Such plants are readily available at local markets, garden centers, and DIY shops. Start simple and learn over time instead of buying every plant you come across in a store. Buying many plants without conducting due research may lead to wastage of resources.

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Get some pretty bedding

After moving to a student’s room in college, it is a good idea to incorporate homely essentials to brighten it up and add some style. Having great bedding is an easy way to introduce interesting patterns and colors to the room without spending a lot of money.

Invest in some lovely cushions, pillowcases, and duvets to make your room feel like home. By saving money on room decoration, you will have some surplus left to hire someone to do your assignment where necessary.

 Use lamps for better lighting

 Balancing between lighting sources, styles and types may be tricky for a small student’s room. Lighting creates the room’s atmosphere, and it’s where various activities take place, ranging from reading, entertaining friends, and so on.

 A lamp not lights up the room but is also an essential way to represent taste. Start with one kind of lamp and add a few small ones with different colors. Lamps give a more relaxing and softer glow compared to ordinary ceiling lights.

Decorative lamp shades, including patterned options, are a great way to add bursts of attractive colors to your room at all times. In this case, there is no need to change the color of your furniture or wall. Use lamps to illuminate and decorate important areas such as the bed, curtains, and bookcases.


The above are simple and practical ways of decorating your room without making many changes and on budget. Creating a home-away-from-home requires a sense of creativity and optimal utilization of the resources you have. Start with simple decorations with some imagination and save some money to do other important things. Be ready to try out something new from time to time as long as it fits within your budget.

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