Hiring An Architect to Manage Your Next Playground Renovation: What to Look For

Architecture can appear a boring topic for some people. While this is the case, it is an element of our lives that is everywhere that we look. Architecture is everywhere and should be valued; from the buildings we call home to our favorite shopping mall.

At the same time, it is worth noting that architects work and design more than just buildings and property. Any project that requires a fine level of design and consideration will no doubt need the services of an architect. Leaving no stone unturned, you can reassure yourself that every detail of your project is considered.

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An example of where architects are often used is when building and renovating playgrounds. Frequented by children of all ages and their families, these are amenities that would naturally need an extra level of security and safety.

Suppose you are planning your own playground renovation. You might be in the position where you are considering hiring an architect to manage the overall renovation process. If you are unsure what you should be looking for when hiring an architect for a project like this, you have found yourself in the right place at the right time. Detailed below is a list of some things you should look for.

Relevant Accreditations and Qualifications

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It goes without saying, but when hiring anyone for their services, the last thing you want is to pay for their services, only to find they are not who they say they are! What’s worst is paying for services from someone who is not qualified in the role they are fulfilling. This is something that you want to avoid when conducting a playground renovation and is one such thing that you should be keeping a watchful eye for.

Architects in the United States must be awarded a license from The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). This agency evaluates college graduates’ skills to ensure they have the proper skills for the job. Establishing and ensuring that the architect you wish to hire has a license like this will minimize the chances of meeting any associated obstacles in the future.

At the same time, you want to find an architect that has experience in the project that you will be hiring them to work on. This leads us to the following point.

Gauge Their Previous Experience

To further minimize the chances of anything going wrong in your project, you want to determine the previous experience that your architect has. Asking to see a portfolio of their previous work is the best way of doing this while also asking questions throughout the onboarding process. Understanding what the architect specializes in and whether they will be able to complete your project effectively is critical to the overall success of your renovation.

Establishing your architect’s previous experience will contribute to your renovation project’s overall safety; if someone has minimal experience, there is an increased risk of injury to themselves and those around them. At the same time, there are many architect liability insurance policies that you can take out, which will further reduce the financial risk associated with any accidents.

Establish The Costs of Hiring Them

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Much like when hiring the services of anyone to work on a project you are the head of, you should do what you can to determine what the costs will be. Creating your project budget as soon as possible and factoring in the hiring of the architect will minimize the chances of your project being delayed in any way.

Consult with the architect about the services they provide and the costs associated with hiring these services. Compare the asking rate with the national average and other reputable architects’ prices in your area. Negotiating with the architect is also worth attempting; do what you can to not insult the architect’s work by underpaying them for their services.

We recognize these are but a handful of the things you should be looking for when hiring an architect to oversee your playground renovation, but we hope it has left you with a better idea of what you need to do moving forward. One thing we can be sure of; your hard work will not go unnoticed, and your playground will be at its absolute best in no time!

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