4 Easy and Simple Steps How to Take Care of Indoor Plants

When it comes to modern decor, it’s safe to say that indoor plant is one of the must-have items to add to the room. Their popularity keeps increasing from time to time since they don’t only beautify the room but also purify the air around at the same time.

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants

Well purifying the air may sound so basic, indoor plants can actually do better than that. Recent studies prove that the existence of indoor plants inside your house can boost up your creativity and stress which sort of playing a role to make your life healthier and happier.

There are some favorite indoor plants that are chosen by a lot of homeowners like the snake plant, pothos, bird’s nest fern, ZZ plant, and philodendron. You can choose the one that perfectly suits the decor of your house.

However, as living creatures, of course, you have to properly take care of them to keep them alive. As you may have known, plants basically need water and sunlight to stay alive which is not a serious problem for those that are put in outdoor area. When you decide to keep them inside the room, you may need to learn some steps on how to take care of them.

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Here, we share with you some steps on how to take care of indoor plants that you can follow easily!

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants

Windows is a plant’s best friend

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants 2

Yes, it seems like a no-brainer, right? Since plants literally consume sunlight, you can’t put them in the middle of the room since it’s too far from the source of natural light. Putting them close to the window is always the best consideration. 

If you want to hang them on the wall, then you need to regularly put them in direct sunlight around 6 hours a day or depends on what kind of plants you have.

Regularly water the plants

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants 1

The word ‘regularly’ here can mean a lot. It can mean watering every couple of days or weekly which actually depends on the type of the plants. So, the rule of thumb is to ‘touch’ the soil. If you feel that the soil (around 1-inch from the surface) is dry, then it’s time to water the plant regardless of the timeframe.

Water the plants slowly, wait until the water fully absorb by the soil firstly, then continue until you see the water fill the saucer. Fun fact, warm water is good for the indoor plant since it absorbs into the soil faster.

Fertilize once a month

houseplant fertilizer

As you water your indoor plants regularly, the nutrient of their fertilizer – which is brought from the gardener- will get reduced. So, you need to add more fertilizer for houseplants that you can find easily. It’s enough to fertilize them once a month.

Re-pot as they grow

repotting plant

As time goes by, your plants can get bigger. Keep in mind to always re-pot them, the rule of thumb is that to choose a pot that is 2-inch bigger than the plant. Spring is always the best time to repot your plant.

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