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It’s surely a nightmare when you find your cats pee outside of their litterbox. Whether it’s carpet, sofa, or bed linens, you don’t want to bother yourself to clean up their urine.

How to Clean Cat Pee

There are some factors that may cause your cats to pee randomly around your house, which include:

  • Dirty Litter Box – Just like you, cats hate their ‘toilet’ when it’s full of their pee and poops. They will start to find other spots to get their business done. 
  • Litter Box Placement – Even if the litter box is clean enough, but when you place it in a hard-to-reach spot, your cats will not want to bother themselves to use it. It’s not only about the position of the box, but if you place it in a room with high traffic or a stuffy environment, they don’t like it as well.
  • Type of Litter – There are various types of litter that you can find in the market today, but not all of them may work for your cat. Of course, when they don’t like the type if litter that you choose, they prefer to pee outside of the box.
  • Multiple Cats – When you have more than one cat that you keep inside your house, sometimes there are some of them who want to use the litter box for themselves. The ‘weaker’ ones will then find it difficult to pee and poo properly.
  • Stressed out – Cats that experience stress and anxiety may pee outside their litterbox to release the symptoms. 

How to Clean Cat Pee from Carpet

How to Clean Cat Pee 2

But, whatever happens, happens, right? You can’t really get mad at them when it happens. What you need to do is keep calm, move on, and clean the pee right away.

No worries, cleaning cat pee is not as hard as you might think, you won’t need to call professionals or use fancy equipment. Here, we share some easy steps on how to clean cat pee from carpet that will totally help you!

How to Clean Cat Pee 1

Absorb It

The first thing that you need to do is to absorb the urine once you find the spot on the carpet. You can use a clean cloth or paper towel, keep in mind not to rub the carpet but just press the cloth strongly.

Rinse the Spot

Once you are sure enough that you have removed the urine as much as you can, rinse the area and vacuum it if necessary. Do not use a steam cleaner as it can leave a stain stay on the carpet.

Apply the Cleaner

Use an enzyme-based cleaner that works well to remove the stain and smell of your cats urine at once. You may need to use a lot of it to ensure that the liquid covers the stain, but do not over soak it as it may spread the stain instead. 

Clean it Up

After around 15 minutes, clean up the cleaner with a cloth or paper towel.

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So, let’s add this How to Clean Cat Pee Tutorial to your DIY home care list!

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