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DIY Bathroom Mason Jar Storage Tutorial | Cheap and Easy Decor

By Edward •  Updated: 08/06/21 •  3 min read

When it comes to a small bathroom, storage is the main part of the decor that you need to optimize. You have to be able to provide enough storage to store your bathroom stuff from toothbrushes to towels. Without proper storage stations, your bathroom will look so messy – even disgusting – especially when you have the one with limited space. 

bathroom mason jar storage

Some chich storages don’t only work to keep your bathroom stuff neat and clean, but also can give another attractive touch to the overall look of the decor. So, keep in mind to choose the one that can do both jobs very well.

Creating your own bathroom storage is definitely a good idea since you can have the one which is more distinctive than those which are offered in the market. Plus, you can also save a lot since you can use cheap materials or recycle some stuff that you no longer use.

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Here, we will share with you a tutorial on how to make a bathroom mason jar storage. As the name implies, the glass mason jar is the main material that we’re going to use.

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DIY Bathroom Mason Jar Storage Tutorial

This super easy DIY project can be finished in only around 30 minutes! Since it involves some sharp tools, you need to be careful though. Wear some safety gear like rubber gloves and eye goggles if necessary.

Prepare these materials:

Prepare these tools:

Follow these steps:

bathroom mason jar storage 2

Your bathroom mason jar storage is ready to use!