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DIY Kitchen Pegboard Storage Tutorial | Cheap and Simple DIY Project

By Edward •  Updated: 08/03/21 •  3 min read

In a small-minimalist home, a kitchen is mostly the room that is ‘left behind’ or built as compact as possible. Kitchen is often considered as a not-so-important part of the house, as long as you can cook your casual daily food, it doesn’t have to have ample space.

Kitchen Pegboard Storage

In fact, a kitchen can be a room that works as the hub of the house where you can do a lot of activities besides cooking. Especially these days, when you have to spend most of your time inside your house, you might get bored staying all day in your bedroom or living room, so it surely sounds like a great idea to turn your kitchen into another comforting space to seize your day.

Even if you have a tiny kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the cozy one where you can simply read some books, browse some news, have a chill chat with your friends, or even finish your job. But, of course, you have to utilize every inch of the room as efficiently as possible.

One of the obstacles that you may face in decorating a small kitchen is to provide enough storage to store your kitchen stuff without taking a lot of space. You have to make sure that those appliances and equipment don’t turn your kitchen into a complete mess.

Here, we share with you an easy tutorial to create a kitchen pegboard storage that you will surely adore!

DIY Kitchen Pegboard Storage Tutorial

Pegboard offers a chic solution for you who want to add more storage to any room and the kitchen is no exception. In fact, this DIY kitchen pegboard storage will also give a more striking touch to the overall look of the room.

Prepare these materials:

Prepare these tools:

Follow these steps:

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So, that is the easy tutorial on how to turn a pegboard into a chic kitchen storage. It can be a good alternative for you who don’t have a pantry or already stuffed your kitchen cabinet!