5 Easy Steps to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive on a Budget

It’s, of course, safe to say that the decor around the room determines the quality of your sleep. The more it looks and feels inviting, the more you will get a good night sleep.

Steps to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Remember the time when you have a nice relaxing night in a good hotel room? Well, why not bring the nuance of that hotel to your very own bedroom right away.

Even more, as some of you may still work from your bedroom, redecorating it is definitely a good idea. You will love to spend a lot of time inside your bedroom once you give some gorgeous touches around.

But then, you might feel hesitant to redecorate your bedroom due to the current limited budget that you have. No worries, in this article we will share with you some simple steps to make your bedroom look expensive without spending a lot.

Steps to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

First thing first, let’s make your bedroom as clean and as neat as possible before we even jump further. You can’t add some lux to the room when it looks like a mess.

Add Some Greeneries

Steps to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive 1

Bringing earthy elements is a hit. You can easily find gorgeous bedroom decors in the magazine that use beautiful plants as one of the focal points. But if you think big plants are kinda too much, it’s nothing wrong with just cut some flowers or tiny greeneries and put in in the vase.

Some popular bedroom plants are Heart Leaf Philodendron, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, English Ivy, Snake Plant, and Golden Pothos. Besides beautifying your bedroom decor, they also help to purify the air inside in a natural way

Work with the Pillows

Steps to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive 2

One of the surprising ways that the stylists do to make a bedroom look more attractive is by stuffing the pillows as stuffy as possible. In other words, you can over-fill your pillows so they can look like the ones that you see in the hotel room.

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For instance, you can use 20-inch inserts to fill an 18-inch square pillow

Put a Tray

Steps to Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive 3

Tray can give a more storage station in your bedroom while also enhance the beauty of the decor at the same time. Choose an affordable tray that is enough to store your perfumes, skincare, or jewels. You can consider a faux marble bedroom tray that you can purchase for only around $17.

Decorate the Walls

wall decor

For most of the time, hanging some decor items on your bedroom wall can easily make it look artsy. It doesn’t have to be pricey, A set of catchy wall art can be purchased for only around $60.

Upgrade the Mirror

mirror decor

The last step is more like optional since the mirror can be quite pricey, especially when you want to buy the one with a more complicated design. But, for sure, the price is really worth it. A big mirror can instantly become the major focal point of the room in a very stunning way.

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