4 Ways to Add West Coast Style to Your Decor

The west coast is known for several things, but one many overlook is its distinct decor and decorating style.  This coast knows how to use color, how to make natural materials shine, and what it means to create spaces for comfort instead of just aesthetics: these are things every home could use.

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If you want the look of a west coast home without having to dig for Los Angeles homes for sale, these are your best options!

Casual and Care-Free Decor

How you decorate your home informs the world about how seriously you take yourself and approach life.  There’s a lot of effort put into trying to look effortless for many on the west coast.  This means avoiding the stark and harsh lines of high-class design like NYC would offer instead of going for something a little more comfortable that flows easily.  This could mean pleasingly mixing textures, like tightly knit fabric furniture, but soft shaggy rugs underfoot on a hardwood floor.  This can allow for a space to be well-rounded and almost eclectic while still being purposeful.

More Natural Wood

Natural wood is a key design element that’s showing up in a lot of west coast homes.  Whether it’s the natural wood-colored flooring, cabinets, or side tables, this color allows for a home to feel more organic and honest, which is a large desire on the west coast.  To take this further, try to ethically source your products so that you can fully say it’s natural. Also, be smart when picking what rooms to utilize since natural wood can be difficult to deal with in kitchens, and it can scuff easily if not sealed well on the floor.

Inviting More Light Into Your Home

Natural light is popular everywhere, but with the west coast being so well known for its sunny and beautiful weather, anyone trying to emulate west coast living should make an effort to get as much sunlight into their home as possible.  This can be done by enlarging window cutouts, or if you can’t do construction, consider setting mirrors across from your windows so that the light dances and reflects on its own.

Lighter Colors and Pastels

Lighter colors and pastels may feel universal, but west coast inspired design kicks it up a notch.  This means more delicate furniture, sheer curtains to let in more sunlight, and fewer and lighter rugs.  These changes make a room feel more spacious and allow for you to feel like you can spread out and relax. Of course, you can still make it comfortable and cozy, but the light colors bring across a sense of clean and beautiful purposefully designed.

The west coast isn’t a monolith!  If you see pieces of west coast design that don’t fit what we’ve talked about here, that’s okay!  Try to find a good mix of methods that suit you and create a space that feels like home.  Your comfort and enjoyment of a room are more important than anything else.

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