15 Fantastic and Incredible Vanity Mirror with Lights for Bedroom Ideas

Vanity mirror with lights becomes a main on every girl’s needs list. It can be called as very important women’s equipment that they must have. As you see on television in which showing models are sitting in front of the vanity full of the light bulbs. It is one of a reason why women wish to get this. They will feel as like as model where the makeup artist works for them.

By having the lighted vanity, the women feel comfortable and enthusiasts in showing their fashion and makeup. They will get a confident feeling when they are hanging out with their boyfriend. The vanity is not just a table in general, but they have some functions that can support women needs. Completed with comfortable chairs, the light bulbs, drawer, and counters, it will answer all of the women’ desires in making up.

Are you a woman interested in this too?

If yes, please giving your time to notice our article about vanity mirror with lights for bedroom ideas. Hopefully, one idea will attract you to join in your bedroom.


Vanity Mirror with Lights Ideas

1.Luxurious Lighted Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror with light for bedroom

Credit: Decorsnob

This vanity mirror really matches for you where you can work hard with luxurious space in your bedroom. For more attractive, you absolutely can decorate this space with a classic theme using the beige color and put the Eiffel tower on the counter surface. Well, you can get more pride sense in makeup and fashion.


2. Contemporary Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror with light for bedroom

Credit: House Center

Coming with elegant and calm design makes this vanity becoming a wishing choice for women. This vanity is a really nice choice for a middle-aged woman that love the simple appearance.


3. Enchanting Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror with light for bedroom

Credit: Embed Bath

Designed with the modern white glossy look, this lighted vanity mirror match for teenage girl bedroom. It has a black mirror with lights that is completed by the table drawers placed in front of the glass for finishing your makeup. White polished and 10 bulbs add the elegance and light to this makeup dressing table.

4. Fascinating Lighted Vanity Mirror

Set your bedroom with putting this stunning vanity mirror. It offers the luxurious makeup table with floral lighted bulbs that can add your bedroom more attractive. The vanity mirror has beige colors that appear the contrasting colors.


5. Adorable Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror with light for bedroom

Credit: Interalle

This vanity mirror offers the bright corner for your bedroom. It utilizes the lighted bulbs that can be set on the wall in front of the makeup dressing table. If you are setting this, you automatically get an unbelievable moment when you are making up.


6. Impressive White Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror with light for bedroom

Credit: HGTV

This is completed by the lighting around the vanity mirror that can give you a wonderful feeling. The chair also shows a gorgeous look when it is joins your bedroom furniture.


7. Big Vanity Mirror

This idea is not same as the others vanity mirror as usual. There is no any makeup table as its base, but it looks very gorgeous. It is really good for you who do not like makeup table around. This lighted vanity mirror is made in rectangular shape so that it shows a big reflection for you. It is fitted with the small bedroom without the dressing table exists.


8. Little Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror with light for bedroom

Credit: Decorsnob

The small vanity mirror is also appropriate for little girls who love having their own dressing table. As you can see in the picture, it will become the great space in your bedroom. It displays the dressing table with several drawers to put your lovely accessories such as jewelry, bracelet, hair accessories and others. You will feel having fun every day to get your beautiful appearance with mesmerizing vanity mirror with lights.


9. Superb Vanity Mirror

Having a large of mirror that is completed by large lighted bulbs is really appropriate for you. By installing this lights, automatically, your bedroom will be brightly lit though without hanging lamps. This idea is very recommended for you who love reflecting with large mirror.


10. Breathtaking Vanity Mirror

Designed with small square shape, it shows the adorable mini vanity mirror. Joining with beige dressing table, actually, it adds the matching space at your bedroom. Furthermore, you can install about 20 bulbs placed around the mirror for getting the brighter look.


11. Deluxe Vanity Mirror

This idea can be mentioned as the deluxe and prodigious vanity mirror design. With three mirrors separated, it makes the dressing table getting the large space in your bedroom. It does not match for you who have a narrow bedroom. The battery operated candles stuck on the holder, that makes the mirror so bright. Well, you can choose which one of lighted vanity mirror to make up your face every day.

12. Simple Vanity Mirror

vanity mirror with light for bedroom

Credit: Formeolibre

If you do not like something too complicated, you can certainly choose this idea. It comes with simple but attractive appearance look. Just having the mirror without the dressing table, you absolutely have the unique vanity mirror with lights for a bedroom. The vanity mirror will not consume the large space at your bedroom.


13. Vanity Mirror with Storage

This idea is an extraordinary than the vanity mirror as usual. The lights are not located on the edge of the mirror but it is installed above the counter. By applying the lights like this, you can get a much brighter dressing table. It allows you to have beautiful dressing with adorable lights. For more attractive look, place the storage beside the table for your makeup tools and accessories.


14. Elegant Vanity Mirror

Complete your bedroom with this enticing vanity mirror space is a really great idea for you. It comes with bulbs located around the mirror to make your room brighter. For having impressive vanity mirror with lights for a bedroom, you can make sketch above the mirror as you love. The picture shows two eyes sketch that allows the room to look more interesting.


15. Big Bulbs Vanity Mirror

For you who love the big bulbs for locating around the mirror, this idea can be your ultimate option. Applying the big bulbs perhaps create your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Of course, you will obtain the clearer appearance when you are making up in front of the vanity mirror. Furthermore, you can create this at home by yourself without asking the installers by paying the high costs. For more detail, maybe, DIY Vanity Mirror with Lights for Bedroom can give you a guide.

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