DIY Wine Bottle Fountain Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

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Having a patio, deck or just simply a backyard is not really complete without any water feature installed. The water feature will bring your silent or grave-like outdoor space comes to live. You will be more joyful to spend a long time out of your living room.

Pond and fountain or the combination of both of them are the most popular water features which are installed by the homeowners. The sound of moving water with the colorful running fishes swimming around are very relaxing. It is a good investment to ease your stressful mind.

diy bottle fountain
credit: HGTV

But if you don’t want to be bothered with feeding the fishes or taking car of those aquatic plants, having a fountain is just enough for you. Water fountain creates a focal point to your patio and obviously enhances the style of the outdoor space. Many homeowners choose to install fountain to beautify their property.

There are several benefits that you can get from having a water fountain in your property. The obvious one is that the sound of the endless moving water of the fountain is stress relieving and reducing the annoying sound from nearby streets. Water fountain also acts as the air purifier to keep your outdoor fresh feel fresh all the time. Birds will also love to drink some water of your fountain and take a short bath on it, so you also help them to live happily.

Today, you can find thousands of water fountain designs which are made out of various materials. They are totally attractive and enhance the style of the outdoor space’s look. Some are sold directly, in kits, or prefer to build their own water fountain to give a creative sense to their home.

Many homeowners have tried to used surprising material to create a unique and creative garden fountain. Here, we share you a DIY Wine Bottle Fountain that you can try at home and prove your creative skill to the coming guests. Let’s check it out!

DIY Wine Bottle Fountain

diy bottle fountain 1
credit: HGTV

Materials that you will need:

  1. Used wine bottle
  2. Wine barrel
  3. Champagne cork
  4. Wood shims
  5. Water pump
  6. Reservoir made of plastic or metal basin
  7. 5/8″ Plastic tubing
  8. 5/8″ Plastic splicer

Tools that you will need:

  1. Drill
  2. Glass drill bit
  3. Circular saw
  4. Spirit level
  5. Protective gloves and eyewear

How to Make a Wine Bottle Fountain:

  1. Using the glass drill bit, make a large hole in the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Using the wood drill bit, make a hole in the top of the wine barrel. The size of the small is a bit smaller than the cork. The hole will be used for plumbing for the pump to create the fountain. Make sure to center the hole properly. Make the hole 5/8″ through the cork for accommodating the 5/8″ splicer.
  3. Using the circular saw, cut a square on the bottom of the barrel. The size is a bit larger than the pump.
  4. Insert the fountain pump and attach the hose. Drive the hose into the top of the hole tightly then trim cork flush with the top of the wine barrel.
  5. Place the wine barrel on top of the reservoir then fill it with water and plug in the pump into the electrical housing. Check out the flow of the water, it should flow evenly off all sides of the wine barrel. You can use the wood shims to level the barrel.
  6. Place the wine bottle over the hole on top of the barrel.
  7. Enjoy your wine bottle fountain!

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