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25+ Beautifully Natural Pond Swimming Pool Design Ideas

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Choosing the natural swimming pool over the one with modern construction and technology is never a bad idea. It’s a good option when you want to have a much healthier and, of course, a more exhilarating swimming pool to enjoy. Natural swimming pool or pond swimming pool uses the very natural system to keep it […]

20+ Most Clever Above Ground Koi Pond with Window Ideas

Koi never lose its popularity for hundred years, their beauty, prestige, and philosophy makes them keep being admired by lots of homeowners. Up until today, these colorful fishes are still chosen to decorate the backyard pond. Watching Koi swimming around inside your pond while also hearing the soothing sound of the water will relax your […]

13+ Work Of Art Water Fountain for Your Backyard Under $650

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There are various tempting benefits that you can achieve once you add a water fountain to your outdoor living space. It is always a good idea to have a water fountain in your patio, deck, garden, or backyard. This water feature is one of the most popular one chosen by many homeowners. Visually, a water […]

15 Piece of Art Backyard Water Fountain Under $350

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The water fountain makes every outdoor space not only look way more attractive but also feels so inviting. It is famously known that water is one of the most important elements in our life, therefore, the water feature with deeply blend with our soul. The sound of the endless moving water feels so relaxing, and the […]

5 DIY Wine Bottle Fountain Ideas with Tutorial for Your Outdoor Space

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Having a patio, deck or just simply a backyard is not really complete without any water feature installed. The water feature will bring your silent or grave-like outdoor space comes to life. You will be more joyful to spend a long time out of your living room. Pond and fountain or the combination of both […]

15 Most Clever Rock Fountain Ideas for Your Backyard

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When you are thinking about enhancing the style and comfort of your outdoor living space, consider adding a fountain as one of the top lists. This water feature is surely irresistible to improve the enjoyment of the backyard, front yard, garden, or any outdoor space. The idea of building or installing a water fountain is never […]

Easy and Cheap DIY Vortex Fountain That You Can Try Now!

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When you are decorating your backyard or pond, adding a fountain should one of your primary considerations. The sound of the endless moving water is so exhilarating and relaxing. It will definitely enhance the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living space. There are so many backyard’s fountain ideas with their own attractive and fascinating design. […]

5 Recommended Pond Book For Your Proper Guides to Buy Now

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It cannot be denied that having a water garden in your backyard can be so relaxing. Hearing the sound of the moving water and watching the fishes swimming around the pond is peaceful, and relieve your stress mind after dealing with a rough day. A pond is such a beneficial water feature for the homeowners. […]

What You Need to Know about Pond Heater for Winter


A pond surely gives a great benefit to relax your mind, the sensation of hearing the sound of the moving water and watching the beautiful fish swimming around are so exhilarating. But then the winter comes, then you can’t enjoy your backyard’s pond as if it is in the summer. That is the time when […]

The Affordable Solar Aerator for Pond that You Can Buy Now

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An aerator is an obligatory addition when we are talking about maintaining a backyard’s pond. Without the aeration system, your pond will not be maintained well, and you end up having an unpleasing water feature. Aerator has many beneficial features both for the homeowner and the pond’s inhabitant. Oxygen is the important element for almost […]

How to Choose the Right Type of Pond Sprinkle for Your Pond

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Pond sprinkle or some prefer to call it a pond fountain is a must install water feature to decorate your pond. It creates such an exhilarating atmosphere with its attractive appearance and relaxing water sound. The water fountain is also able to purify the air around, so you will feel way more comfortable to enjoy […]

Pond Sealer Guides and Pond Pro 2000 Review

A  pond is like a beneficial asset for your relaxing time, the sound of the water with some colorful fishes inside swimming here and there are just a perfect combination to calm your mind. Many homeowners consider building a fish pond in their backyard to make their outdoor living space looks more inviting. If you […]

Beautiful and Easy DIY Pond Tire for Your Backyard

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Reusing some old stuff has been a fun trend right now, many creative people have turned some ugly things from the basement into a unique and useful property. Sometimes you don’t think those stuff can be modified and give you so many benefits. When it comes to a backyard, a pond is a must built […]

7 Most Recommended Pond Rake and Weed Cutter to Buy Now

The clean and fresh pond with lovely fishes swimming around surely offers you a relaxing sensation. Hearing the sound of the moving water in the summer breeze with your family and friend is such a joyful time that you could have in your backyard. So, it is so understandable that building a pond next to […]

Complete and Basic Guides about Koi Pond Stocking

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Koi pond becomes adored more and more by many homeowners around the world. The koi’s appearance and behavior make them being loved by many fish lovers. This lovely colorful fish is so irresistible and gives so much value to the pond. A koi pond adds an attractive and relaxing sensation to your backyard. You can […]