20+ Most Clever Above Ground Koi Pond with Window Ideas

Koi never lose its popularity for hundred years, their beauty, prestige, and philosophy makes them keep being admired by lots of homeowners. Up until today, these colorful fishes are still chosen to decorate the backyard pond.

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Watching Koi swimming around inside your pond while also hearing the soothing sound of the water will relax your mind peacefully. Thata��s why considering building a koi pond to enhance the entertaining nuance of your outdoor living space is always a great idea.

There are thousands of koi pond designs that you can find on the internet today, from the regular in-ground to the above ground ones. Then, you must agree that the one that is really interesting to have is the above ground koi pond with window.

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By having the above ground koi pond with window, you will get more benefits than the in-ground ones, and the most exhilarating thing is that you can watch your koi swimming around from distance. You can sit on your patioa��s sofa while enjoying the beauty of the koi without having to get close to your pond.

Here, we have some inspiring above ground koi pond with window ideas that look so mesmerizing to bring your backyard to a whole new level.

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window Ideas

Koi Pond with Pergola

This is a very beautiful design for you who look for a koi pond with shade. Here, the pond is surely made to be the main attraction of the backyard since its built on the base with the particular design.

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 25-min

The pond itself is designed with the natural dark gray stones with a small yet ideal window in the center front. The pergola adds another style to the pond while also reduce the sun exposure that exposes the pond. You can see that the color of the pergola really matches well with the greeneries around the pond area.

Earthy Brick Koi Pond

The simple yet beautiful koi pond with earthy brick construction in light brown color with the large window. The color of the koi is popped up very well since the pond is made in a pale color.

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 26-min

Its large window enables you to enjoy the koi exhilaratingly and of course beautify the pond perfectly.

Small White Koi Pond

A small above ground koi pond with window for a modern minimalist home. Its natural white stone design really makes the pond so mesmerizing and flow well with the pale gravels and greeneries that surrounded the pond.

The window doesna��t only provide a more enjoyable view, but also creates a much wider impression to the pond, especially with its upper frameless design.

Classic Koi Pond

A classic pond design never goes wrong to decorate your backyard, especially when you can combine it with the latest pond look.

Here, the classic brick construction is chosen then a wide rectangular glass is attached to its center front that directly faces the patio. You can see the topper and fountain are added to give a more attractive look to this see-through koi pond.

Vintage Koi Pond with Oval Window

Having this kind of pond in your backyard will add a beauty of Victorian era. You can see that the pond is made in traditional brick construction that looks vintagely wonderful.

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 27-min

The window is designed in an oval shape with gatdeep brick frame. By such look, this pond still keeps its classic style though with the see-through design.

Chinatown Koi Pond

Everyone knows that the origin of Koi is from China, and designing your Koi pond with the countrya��s characteristic look is a great idea. Here, the pond is designed in an oriental look with the brick and accent design.

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 28-min

The statues then enhance the look of the pond beautifully and strengthen its Chinese style.

Wood Log Koi Pond

Ita��s an ultimate koi pond with an extraordinary earthy design with the wood log base. Different from the others, the glass is attached on top of the pond which surely brings the pond into a whole new style.The pond looks beautifully modern and natural at the same time.

All Brick Koi Pond

Having a built-in pond in your covered patio is a nice thought to create a super exhilarating outdoor living space. In this inspiring idea, the see-through pond is built on the covered patio in which the pillars are built on top of the pond.

The pillars create a bigger impression to the pond while the window provides the clearer view to enjoy the koi.

Double Ponds

This is a beautiful combination of in ground and above ground backyard ponds. The first pond is built much deeper from the patio area, and the second one is raised high enough with two windows on its sides.

Then, the waterfall is installed to emphasizes the connection of both ponds, a very creative see-through koi pond ideas that you have to try.

Greeny Koi Pond

If you want an extra wide above ground koi pond with fully-open design, this one will be a great inspiration to consider. The pond is really spacious with the overflow design, which makes it look way much wider.

You can notice that the pond is actually quite shallow which enables you to enjoy the swimming koi through its long window.

Modern Koi Pond

A gorgeous modern above ground koi pond in black and white design which is built on the deep patio. It will make you able to enjoy the outdoor lunch while watching the koi and listening to the soothing sound of the water fountain at the same time.

Koi Pond with Glass Elevator

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 20-min

This is a more sophisticated version of a see-through pond. You will watch the koi through the merged glass that comes out of the pond. The koi are able to swim up to the glass and go back to the main part of the pond.

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Rocky Koi Pond

If you think you dona��t need a wide window for your koi pond but rather just as an accent, this one may work for you.

A rocky pond with small glass accent to show a little bit whata��s going on inside the pool. You can enjoy the deeper part of the pond directly from the deck.

Koi Pond with Glass Gate

The big pond with a bridge which has a window that resembles the look of a gate. The glass is installed from the base of the pond so you will see it as a transparent pond with surrounded stone construction.

Natural Koi Pond

A big pond with a big glass which looks so beautiful with its natural decoration. The huge water plants are 0panted in the pond yet in the separate area. You can see the extra clear view of the pond while enjoying the summer air in your backyard.

Grey Stony Koi Pond

The beautiful above ground koi pond with grey rocky construction with a single long glass window. Ita��s always a good idea to choose a plain or neutral color for your koi pond since it can pop up the color of your koi beautifully.

Frameless Glass Koi Pond

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 6-min

This one is an above ground koi pond with the frameless window which allows you to watch the fish from several angels. The construction is actually quite simple yet very beautiful. The earthy brick wall and the greenery complete the look beautifully in natural style.

Koi Pond with Lighten Fountain

Another koi pond with a wonderful combination of traditional and modern style. The all brick construction is combined with the glass windows on its three sides. Then, when the lighting features are turned on, the look is way more amazing.

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 4

The spacious edge of the pond also allows you to have some fresh juice while watching the koi from the closer distance.

Koi Garden

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 14-min

Here, the brick pond with a long glass window is surrounded by lots of beautiful trees which enhance its relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy the view of the garden and also the koi at the same time exhilaratingly.

Bamboo Koi Pond

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 5

A quite unique Koi pond with bamboo construction for you who love to add oriental decor to your backyard. The pond is built in a particular area with the pergola to shade it. It may look more like an outdoor aquarium with the bamboo frame, right?

Traditional Style Koi Pond

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 8-min

The small long koi pond with natural stone construction and traditional style which then completed with the long glass window with aluminum frame. The pond looks absolutely mesmerizing with its clever combination.

Blocks Koi Pond

This one is a a�?reala�� see-through koi pond with the full glass sides as its construction. Yet, to make it look more attractive, the glass s surrounded by a dark wood frame.

above Ground Koi Pond with Window 2-min

Then, to add a unique touch, the block is attached on its two sides in a leveling style. The garden around the pond enhances the beauty of the pond beautifully.

Vintage Koi Pond with Glass Gate

Yeap, vintage koi ponds with an unfinished brick design is surely a thing now, especially those with the glass window. Here, the huge pond is placed next to the patio to enhance the attraction of the outdoor living space.

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 11-min

The glass is installed on its front face of the pond, creating an a�?open gatea�� impression gorgeously.

Koi Pond with Multiple Windows

The gorgeous classic koi pond in a beautiful minimalist style with the wood and brick style. Though the pond looks old, the color makes it seem more modern.

Elegant Indoor Koi Pond

It is really not a bad idea to build a koi pond inside your house since you have a proper face to make the fishes stay comfortably.

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 10-min

This wide above ground koi pond is placed in the room where the sunlight can goes in to make the temperature of the room stay warm. The decor is simply beautiful with the greeneries and the painting above the mini fountain.

Half Round Koi Pond

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 3-min

This above ground koi pond with window idea looks quite distinctive with its half round design. The pond is also built quite tall to make an outstanding focal point in the backyard. The classic fountain and flowers are enough to add beauty to this wonderful pond.

Wooden Koi Pond

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 12-min

Needs something extremely traditional? Then this above ground koi pond with wood cover will work well for you. It has the unfinished wood slats that fully cover the pond with the small glass window to add another style to the pond.

Twigs Koi Pond

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 9-min

This one is not only extremely traditional, but also very unique. The twigs are chosen to cover the pond construction which surely looks amazingly natural. Then, the small window allows you to watch the koi from distance.

Majestic Koi Pond

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 7-min

It is safe to say that having a big beautiful pond with lots of koi inside is every homeownera��s dream. This one is a stunning huge koi pond with the glass window in a classic style. The big fountain on one side of the pond definitely makes the decor look so superb.

Red Koi Pond

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 13

When youa��re talking about the best color to symbolize China, red is the perfect answer. Here, the color is used for the pond construction and the pergola. The look is beautifully amazing and creates a contrasting touch to the backyard.

Floating Koi Dome

Above Ground Koi Pond with Window 15-min

If you just want to add a small glass to provide a small see-through accent, this koi dome is a great choice. It actually one of a popular koi pond accessories that you can buy affordably.

So those are some inspiring ideas of above ground koi pond with glass. You can copy to remodel or build your own pond in your backyard. Having a koi pond is always a much better option than the regular one since you can enjoy your fish in a more fun way.

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The cost to build such pond is not really expensive, but you can have a very beautiful backyard. Surely, the pond will provide an ultimate attraction site to enjoy with your family and friends.!

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