15+ Smartest and Easiest DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Organizers

For sure, you can expect a lot when we are talking about recycling the wood pallets into some useful stuff. The main reasons for such trend are because wood pallets are very cheap or even free to find.

You can make various things out of the pallets. They have been modified into some surprisingly creative furniture like tables, chairs, bed frames, sofas, and much more.

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers

So, when you are planning to do some home improvements yet with a very small amount of money, including the wood pallet is absolutely a great idea. With a little bit of creativity and thousands of inspiring ideas which are scattered around the internet, you can have some beautiful house organizers that you may not expect before.

Kitchen as a hub of the house always needs to be remodeled to keep it look and feel cozy to do lots of activities. Then, considering to put some wood pallet things as your kitchen organizers is totally worth to try, especially since the farmhouse-themed kitchen is still one of the popular decors up until today.

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Here, we have some smartest and easiest DIY farmhouse kitchen organizers that will surely inspire you to have one in your beloved kitchen.

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Organizers

DIY Wood Pallet Cabinet Drawers

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 1

If you have a custom kitchen cabinet, this idea can be a good inspiration to try. Change the fabricated drawers with the mid-size shipping wood pallets. It will provide more spacious space to store many things while also become a focal point around your kitchen.

Hanging Eggs and Fruits Shelf

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 2

This one will be a very helpful kitchen organizer that will provide you convenience when you prepare for the breakfast. Hang it next to the stove and you can have a very effective and efficient cooking time every single morning.

Hanging Wine Glasses Holder

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 3

A super creative DIY farmhouse kitchen organizers to organize and display your dazzling wine glasses beautifully. It is very easy to make while also ease you to use the glasses anytime you need them.

Kitchen Herbs Station

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 4-min

The unique and lovely DIY farmhouse kitchen organizers that look like a picket fence which acts as a vertical kitchen herb station. You will need some mason jars and a black spray paint to create this one.

Frying Pan Holder

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 5

A convenient frying pans holder that will totally ease your cooking job. Place it close to the stove and this DIY farmhouse kitchen organizers will help you a lot.

Hanging Mugs Holder

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 6

This one is for you who love something vintage to decorate your kitchen wall while also provides a convenient storage for your mugs. Just attach some iron hooks on the repurposed pallets and you can have this creative DIY farmhouse kitchen organizers all set.

Multi-purposed Hanging Rack

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 7

If you are eager to create something more advanced, this complete wood pallet hanging racks will provide lots of storages to store various kitchen stuff all at once. It will take more hands to create it, but the result is totally worth it.

Hanging Wine Rack

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 8

Another space-saving rack that you can hang above your kitchen cabinet to store some wine bottles and the glasses at the same time. Youa��ll just need to cut a big shipping wood pallet, create some small cuts to hang the glasses and ita��s all done!

Pot Hanger and Rack

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 9

Yes, the fun thing about repurposing the shipping wood pallet is you can make more than one store in one kitchen feature at the same time. This creative DIY farmhouse kitchen organizers is able to hang some pots, pans, and other kitchen stuff with handle, while also hold the bigger ones above it.

Spacious Spice Racks

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 10

This is a spacious hanging rack that can hold lots of your spices. It provides various storage sizes, so you can put and take the jars and bottles at your convenience.

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Pallet Dining Table with Wine Rack

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 11

A large dining table with the built-in wine rack underneath, ita��s so great to provide convenience when you have dinner and want to enjoy your wines. The stools are also made of the shipping wood pallets which are not modified at all.

Freshly Rack

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 12

A unique and lovely rack to put lots of your fresh stuff. Once you give it a finish like white, no one will notice that ita��s made of the used wood pallets.

Recipe Book and Spice Rack

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 13

For you who love cooking and still be friend with the recipe books, this hanging rack can be one of your must-have organizers to hang in your kitchen. You can put some books on its topper part, and some small to medium jars in its lower section.

Decorative Plates Rack

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 14

Displaying your decorative plates as the kitchen decoration is surely a great idea to enhance the look of the room. This wood pallet rack can be an inspiration for the storage of your decorative plates.

Bottle Holder

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 15

The simple bottle holder that will save the space of your kitchen since it can be hung or put on your kitchena��s countertop. Ita��s quite easy to make and doesn’t cost you a lot.

Utensil Hanger

diy farmhouse kitchen organizers 16
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A super easy DIY farmhouse kitchen organizers but really helps to provide additional storage in your kitchen.A� Youa��ll just need to remove the backboard of the pallet and attach some hooks, then you can hang it in your kitchen.

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20 Smartest and Easiest DIY Pallet Kitchen Organizers Thata��ll Stunt You (1)


So those are some inspiring DIY kitchen farmhouse organizers that you have to try when you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen. Sometimes, those DIY wood farmhouse ideas require lots of elbow grease, but sometimes they dona��t. You just have to find the one that suits your needs and skills.

The fun part is you dona��t need to spend lots of bucks to create those things. You just have to find some shipping wood pallets in good condition, and you are all ready to start the project!

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