13+ Work Of Art Water Fountain for Your Backyard Under $650

There are various tempting benefits that you can achieve once you add a water fountain to your outdoor living space. It is always a good idea to have a water fountain in your patio, deck, garden, or backyard. This water feature is one of the most popular one chosen by many homeowners.

Visually, a water fountain enhances the beauty of your outdoor living space. With hundreds of attractive designs in the market, water fountain never fails to make the backyard looks and feels more inviting. The artificial stone and wood, concrete, or metal are the most adored outdoor fountain styles. Read also: 5 DIY Wine Bottle Fountain Ideasoutdoor fountain under 650

credit: Lowes

Who doesn’t agree that the sound of the moving water is so relaxing? It is commonly known that water feature gives a meditative benefit to the owners. The endless moving water of the fountain is naturally relaxing and stress relieving. This calming sounds also helps to reduce the annoying sound from the nearby street.

As the bonus, water fountain also works as the air purifier. It adds the humidity around the space and makes our brain and body always in the good mood. Water fountain improves the comfort of your outdoor space.

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So when you are thinking to do some improvement to your outdoor space, water fountain should be included into the top list. With many benefits that you can get, the water fountain is a must buy backyard’s addition. Here, we have 15 water fountains under $650 which are totally a work of art to enhance your outdoor space’s style. Happy window shopping!

Gorgeous Water Fountain Under $650

Bluworld Water Garden Fibreglass Wall (Price: $395)

outdoor fountain under 650 1

credit: Lowes

This wall water fountain will turn your deck or patio into an ancient beautiful castle’s outdoor space. The design of the frame and basin looks so royal and enhances by the elegant tempered bronze mirror where the water beautifully falls down. The fountain comes with 48 inches height and can be used in free-standing mode too. (Read also: How to Make a Wine Bottle Fountain)

Kenroy Home Egyptian Outdoor Fountain (Price: $405)

outdoor fountain under 650 2

credit: Lowes

Gives a slight of Egyptian atmosphere to your outdoor living space with this water fountain. The pillar fountain style with ancient Egypt inspired top looks so attractive to be a focal point in your garden. The rustic basin of this 48 inches fountain makes it look more earthy.

Kenroy Home 3 Tiers Classic Outdoor Fountain ($405)

outdoor fountain under 650 3

credit: Lowes

The majestic outdoor fountain with 3 tiers design which will easily become a central attention in your garden. The flows of the water combined with the elegant light make this classic style fountain is so joyful to watch about. It comes with 62 inches height.

Kenroy Home Decorative Outdoor Fountain (Price: $409)

outdoor fountain under 650 4

credit: Lowes

Another classical style fountain with the adorable bronze heritage finish beautifying the interior or exterior of your property. The fountain comes with lovely branches print to match with backyard’s surrounding. This old days style fountain comes with 45 inches height.

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Bluworld Gardenfall Botanical Metal/Glass Fountain (Price: $450)

outdoor fountain under 650 5

credit: Wayfair

The gorgeous slate outdoor fountain with the bamboo pattern which absolutely attractive to decor your deck or patio. The endless falling water which streams down onto the polished river rocks looks so exhilarating. This 90″ work of art water fountain gives an Asian atmosphere to your house.

Bluworld Gardenfall Modern Metal/Glass Fountain (Price: $450)

outdoor fountain under 650 6

credit: Wayfair

This is a futuristic and sophisticated mirror fountain is totally glamorous. It creates such a beautiful modern touch to the indoor or exterior space of your house. The multicolor light of this 90 inches fountain makes it look so entertaining to watch in the night.

Major-Q Rock Waterfall Fountain (Price: $499.99)

outdoor fountain under 650 14

credit: Wayfair

This fascinating rock fountain will definitely compliment your garden day and night. The beautiful flowing water which trickles down the rocks will create a calming sound not only in your outdoor space, bit indoor one too. It comes with 40 inches height.

Alpine Metal Bronze Mirror Fountain (Price: $518.99)

outdoor fountain under 650 7

credit: Wayfair

The beautiful bronze mirror water fountain which looks very glamorous and fit to every space in your house. The stainless steel black frame makes the fountain design look sturdy and the halogen light enhances its beauty in the dark condition. Buried the basin of this 72 inches waterfall for more brilliant outdoor use.

Woodland Tiered Pot Fountain (Price: $539.99)

outdoor fountain under 650 8

credit: Wayfair

Let’s move on from those sophisticated slate water fountain to this classic and unique water fountain. The tiered broken pot design of this water fountain is truly distinctive and will amaze all the coming guests. This work of art water fountain is made of fiberglass and comes with 39 inches height.

Henri Studio Lion Concrete Single Spout Fountain (Price: $539.99)

outdoor fountain under 650 9

credit: Wayfair

This single spot water fountain comes with lion head ornament which looks so classic and majestic. The dazzling finish of this fountain makes it way more attractive. It comes with 38.75″ height and creates a royalty look to your outdoor space. Check the stock here.

Woodland Polyresin Fountain with Round Fire Box (Price: $553.99)

outdoor fountain under 650 10

credit: Wayfair

The wood-like water fountain which comes with multiple water streams to give a great relaxing atmosphere to your outdoor space. The round fireplace which is placed right behind the water streams makes it so joyful to watch. This 30 inches height fountain will truly make your patio or deck looks so inviting.

Aquafires Bridal Veils Falls Stainless Steel Fountain (Price: $589.99)

outdoor fountain under 650 11

credit: Wayfair

This Bridal Veil Falls fountain looks simple yet totally will amaze the coming guests. The design will flow beautifully with any space’s style of your property. This dazzling water feature comes with 48 inches height.

A&B Home Natural Stone Albion Fountain (Price: $619.99)

outdoor fountain under 650 12

credit: Wayfair

The simple rectangular black stone design of this fountain enhances the modern touch of your patio. The water hugs the stone evenly and so relaxing to watch in your outdoor space. This fully stone fountain comes with 47.6 inches height.

Tiering Clay Pot Outdoor Fountain (Price: $639.99)

outdoor fountain under 650 13

credit: Wayfair

This lovely tiering pot fountain is made of polyresin, fiberglass, and stone powder. The natural clay style makes it look so earthy, and matches gorgeously with the backyard’s surrounding. The fountain comes with LED light to beautify its look and 40 inches height.

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