15 Most Affordable and Reliable Inflatable Hot Tub Ideas

In these rough and stressful days, having some relaxing time is such a must. Healing our heavy head and stiff muscle always sounds like a good idea. We have to spend some hours relieving all those uncomfortable feeling in our body after dealing with those strict deadlines.

For centuries, soaking our body in a hot water is believed as one of the best ways to our body and soul. The relaxing sensation of hot water is surely undeniable. It can refresh our body and soul peacefully.

There is nothing better to achieve all of those sensations by soaking our body inside a hot tub. The hot water hydrotherapy that only a hot tub can provide is very beneficial for our health. It makes the popularity of hot tubs never wasted away for ages.

For some reasons, the hot tub is actually a must but home’s improvement. Imagine you can always feel the relaxing sensation everytime you need it in your own home. Having a hot tub also can create such an exhilarating times with your family.

However, many people think that buying hot tub can cost so much. Yes, it is not untrue since you are buying a premium acrylic hot tub with dozens of sophisticated features. Then, the inflatable hot tub is made as the solution for you who want to feel the hydrotherapy in your home without spending too much money.

By spending $300 to $700, you can have a good quality inflatable hot tub to enjoy with your family at your own home. Here, we have some recommended inflatable hot tub ideas that you can consider when you shop for one. Let’s check them out!

Inflatable Hot tub Ideas

M-Spa Luxury Exotic Spa

inflatable hot tub ideas 1
credit: Portable Hot Tub Universe

As the name suggests, this inflatable hot tub is not an ordinary one. The style of the spa truly looks glamorous with its premium crocodile pattern. The solid black color of the tub with smooth gold line makes the spa look definitely gorgeous. The tub can fit for up to 4 people. This one is such an exclusive hydrotherapy asset for you. (Price: $699)

M-Spa Camaro Inflatable Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub ideas 2
credit: Desert Cart

The 4-person hot tub which is said to be the best inflatable spa of 2016. The spa is equipped with the built-in touch controls. The PVC leather of this spa feels so smooth to support your comfort while soaking your body inside it. (Price: $690)

M-Spa Luxury Alpine Inflatable Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub ideas 15
credit: Galaxy Price

The adorable square portable hot tub which can occupy up to 6 people. The design looks so modern and enhances the style of your outdoor space. (Price: $521)

Intex Purespa Round Portable Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub ideas 3
credit: Amazon

This is a super affordable inflatable which can occupy up to 6 people inside. The sandy color of the tub looks beautiful to match with the backyard’s surrounding. This one is a perfect inflatable hot tub for a huge family. ( Price: $478)

Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub ideas 4
credit: Amazon

If you think that the round inflatable hot tub looks too traditional, then go with this one. The octagonal shape of this spa is so modern and gorgeous. It makes you are one of the up to date homeowner in your neighbors. (Price: $530)

Intex Purespa Hot Tub and Pool Set

inflatable hot tub ideas 14
credit: Amazon

By purchasing this product, you will get a 4 person hot tub and playful pool at the same time. You can enjoy the relaxing time while watching your kids swimming around in the pool. This is such an excellent home’s addition for a family. (Price: $859)

 Aqua Jet Spa Imperial Deluxe Inflatable Spa

inflatable hot tub ideas 5
credit: Amazon

This blue inflatable hot tub looks very sporty and gives such a healthy sense to your outdoor space. The tub can fit for up to 4 people to enjoy the relaxing time comfortably. (Price: $434)

SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 Air Jet Inflatable Spa

inflatable hot tub ideas 6
credit: Amazon

The design of this portable hot tub will beautifully match with your backyard’s surrounding. The bushes motif of the tub looks so naturally gorgeous. It can fit for up to 4 adults. (Price: $422)

SaluSpa Siena Air Jet Inflatable Hot Tub

inflatable hot tub ideas 7
credit: Amazon

Another inflatable hot tub which looks so unique and beautiful. The oval shape of the tub gives such a contemporary style to your outdoor living space. Siena can occupy up to 2 people inside, this is such a good spa for you who ant to feel an intimate relaxation with your loved one. (Price: $499)

Lay Z Spa Vegas Air Jet Inflatable Spa

inflatable hot tub ideas 8
credit: Lay Z Spa

The term ‘Lay-Z’ perhaps one of the most heard tagline when you are looking for a good quality inflatable hot tub. This Lay-Z Vegas Air Jet looks classic and luxurious. It can fit for 4 to 6 people joyfully. (Price: $543)

Lay Z Spa Saint Tropez Air Jet Inflatable Spa

inflatable hot tub ideas 9
credit: Lay Z Spa

Hold a glamorous hot tub party in your outdoor living space with this Saint Tropez Air Jet spa. This 4 to 6 person spa comes with a dazzling floating LED light which sparks colorful lights. It makes your nighttime relaxation feels more exhilarating. (Price: $549)

Lay Z Spa Paris Air Jet Inflatable Spa

inflatable hot tub ideas 10
credit: Lay Z Spa

What’s on your mind when you hear the word ‘Paris’? It’s definitely about fashion, style, and glams, and this inflatable hot tub defines all of those Paris senses. The design of this comfy hot tub looks stunning, especially with its fascinating multicolor LED system. It is such a sophisticated 6 person inflatable hot tub. (Price: $652)

Lay Z Spa Monaco Air Jet Inflatable Spa

inflatable hot tub ideas 11
credit: Lay Z Spa

The huge inflatable hot tub which can occupy 8 people, perfect to hold a hot tub party in the summer with a bunch of friends. The design looks very sporty and attractive and provides a spacious space to relieve your stiff muscle. (Price: $870)

Swift Current Portable Spa

inflatable hot tub ideas 12
credit: Canadian Spa Company

The reliable inflatable hot tub from Canadian Spa Company which can fit for up to 5 people. The spa’s depth truly provides a joyful relaxation inside the tub. The beige color of the foam wall looks so adorable to beautify your deck or patio. (Price:$1,687)

 Muskoka Portable Spa

inflatable hot tub ideas 13
credit: Canadian Spa Company

This is not actually an inflatable spa, but it’s more like a solid portable spa. The Muskoka is a spa which consists of cabinet walls and the liner inside to occupy the water. The spa can fit 4 to 6 people with its beautiful chocolate style. Though it is not inflatable, but it is easy to assemble. (Price: $2,391)

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