Kitchen Renovation Ideas – The Art of Blending the Old with the New

These days, kitchens have increasingly become the focal point of every home. No longer considered a space of pure functionality, kitchens of today have morphed into a space that reflects one’s class, lifestyle and taste. The color, layout and design elements, in short, the aesthetics of the space have become quite critical. Accordingly, many homeowners often feel a strong urge to go for a kitchen redo once they feel that their kitchen looks a bit outdated.

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Blending the Old with the New

However, a redo or a renovation does not equate to a complete kitchen makeover. Your kitchen may already contain a number of top dollar items (such as expensive wood cabinets, top-of the-line mahogany countertop or island, etc.) and when it does, it makes little sense to replace them with entirely new furnishings.

This is where the art of blending the old with the new comes into play. We suggest that you take a look at home décor magazines, visit online blogs and galleries, check out expert home renovation articles, etc. in order to have some preliminary ideas as to what you can do to your existing kitchen to give it a more modern and up-to-date look. At the same time, we recommend that you consult some specialty kitchen and bathroom remodel/makeover services. Professional complete kitchen designers can quickly assess the current condition of your kitchen and can come up with plenty good ideas as to where and how you may incorporate modern design elements and accents to update the look of your kitchen.

In the meantime, however, here are some great kitchen renovation ideas that we have jotted down from our research. Have a look at them and they may already help trigger your creative self and get you all worked up about your upcoming kitchen redo!

Innovative Kitchen Renovation Ideas

1. Redo Your Kitchen Lighting

When it came to kitchens of yore, lighting is the one element that was most often neglected (or, not paid enough attention to) and that too, even by the most experienced designers. Your kitchen may have expensive stone or wood cabinets, countertops, etc, and still, if the lighting is bland, you are missing out on a great luxe touch to your kitchen.

However, as it stands, nothing can spell luxury to your kitchen in the way that lavish lighting fixtures can. Possibilities are a galore. Low-hanging lights, especially above kitchen islands, counters or adjoining dining areas, create great atmosphere and give the illusion of a higher ceiling. We are also a great fan of dimmers that again help create an intimate atmosphere with their warm, moody glows and make your kitchen look cozy and expensive. Another great option is pendant lights which you can use either in individual pairs or in clusters.

2. Include a Kitchen Island or Remodel Your Old One

Every modern kitchen these days includes a breakfast bar or kitchen island. So, if you have the requisite space for it, we strongly recommend that you consider adding one to your kitchen as well. Apart from the functionality factor, this will make your kitchen look full, well-planned and luxurious. Moreover, you can add a number of design elements to your island to give a sleek look to your kitchen. If you already have an old kitchen island standing, consider adding a vintage butcher block, knife drawers, open cubbies, etc. to give it a fresher and more up-to-date look.

3. Try Marble for Your Kitchen

Marble exudes elegance and luxury. However, they can be expensive, too. Moreover, if you already have a nice old countertop that you cherish, you may not want to trade it with a marble countertop. And you don’t need to, either. Instead, consider adding marble accents to your kitchen that can be done in various ways: remodel a small section of the kitchen floor with marble tiles; create a tiny baking counter with a pre-cut marble piece; or, mix marble tiles to create a fashionable backsplash. And another great thing about marble is that it gels exceedingly well with pretty much every color palette, meaning that you can add little marble hints to your old kitchen without worrying about creating any dissonance in style.

4. Consider Modern Fixtures and Utensils

If you don’t want to replace your existing shelves or cabinets, you can still upgrade them with modern kitchen fixtures and hardware. Add some new and decorative door pulls, handles, knobs and hinges in eye-catching hues. And it’s absolutely okay to use metal hardware for your wood or stone cabinets—just make sure that the pieces you choose fit well with the overall décor of your current cabinets. Additionally, you may want to invest in some new kitchen utensils that will match the set of the newly installed hardware.

5. A Fresh Coat of Paint to Redefine Your Kitchen Space

Giving a fresh coat of paint is usually the first thing that most people will think of when considering a kitchen makeover/renovation. However, we strongly recommend that you spend some time on coming up with the right color palette for your existing kitchen space. For example, a white color scheme is ideal for small kitchens since white will reflect light better than all other colors and will give a spacious look to your kitchen. On the other hand, darker colors such as teal and charcoal are best for kitchens with lots of storage and pantry space. Or, if you already have a spacious kitchen and will like to crank up on the luxury aspect, feel free to go for pastel hues or lighter shades such as beige, champagne and the like.

Apart from the above, here are some other ideas to consider: a backsplash makeover; relocating the essentials; installing open shelves; adding more mirrors and glass doors to storage units; etc. Essentially, redoing an old kitchen means that you should examine your current space well and determine which elements need replacement and what could (and should) be retained—maybe with little repairs or tweaks here and there. The idea is to create a mix of contemporary and the conventional, the fun and the functional. You can plan it all by yourself, or hire a professional and licensed kitchen decoration service for ideas and consultation.

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