Simple Ideas of Fences and Fences for your Garden

Having your own garden during lockdown is a real benefit! If you are lucky enough to have one, our article of the day will be of great use to you! Today, the editorial team focuses on different privacy screen ideas to enclose your garden easily and in style while giving you more privacy!

Fencing your garden yourself: simple and aesthetic ideas:

Fencing your garden or creating your own fence has several advantages, the main one of which is the personalized and original rendering that the fence models that we usually see do not have. The properties at capital smart city also provide several advantages for constructing a kind of fences, making it look like a one-of-a-kind house. And even if the trade only offers innovative models, they are still relatively expensive. Therefore, it is in your best interest to spend some of your time building your own garden fence.

Generally, the main function of the fence is to mark the boundaries of a property’s land and to act as a screen and windshield. Whether it’s a wood blackout panel, bamboo cane screen, or wire mesh, in addition to being practical, the fence should also be an aesthetic addition. With a little creativity and some recycled materials, you can very easily create a decorative fence to attract the attention of your guests or passersby on the street.

What material to choose for your fence?

So, with what material to make your own fence? Style, robustness, longevity. The choice of material influences these different factors. When it comes to outdoor landscaping, wood is without a doubt one of the most popular options. It is always in style, and you are no longer at risk of having an old garden fence or privacy screen. In addition, its maintenance is very simple. Just apply a coat of varnish to protect the wood from the elements. High-end materials are used in the infrastructure development at nova city.

Fir and pine are still the most common types of wood used to make a fence. They are weather-resistant and well-suited for long-term projects. But although the wooden garden fence looks natural, it needs to be varnished or painted regularly. Metal fencing, on the other hand, is meant to be sturdier, but it costs a lot more, and there is a risk of rust. Wire mesh fencing can hold up well to the elements, but you’ll need professional help with assembly.

Available in a wide variety of styles, aluminum fencing is an attractive alternative, but its cost is far from attractive. Wrought iron has strengths to exhibit, such as its robustness. However, it is a material that tends to rust easily. So, just before we get to the heart of the matter, we give you one last recommendation: in order to successfully build a fence, you must first determine its height, its solidity, and the level of obscuration if you wish to hide completely or partially.

Make a bamboo fence:

Increasingly fashionable and used for landscaping, bamboo is ideal for building your own fence. The easiest way will be to seal the canes in the ground. You can line up the uniform ribs or stagger them for a privacy effect. Depending on the height of the poles used, a higher or lower fence is built. You can put the stems at the same height or vary them a few centimeters for a less regular look.

simple garden fence

Fence your garden with wooden pallets:

Fencing your garden with wooden pallets is, without a doubt, the easiest idea to pull off. It requires almost no work. Start by placing them on the ground to create the demarcation. For this purpose, your floor must be fairly level and level. Otherwise, you have to add sealed posts and fix the pallets on them so that they do not move. In general, you can use the pallets as they are vertically or horizontally. But if you want, you can cut them out or paint them. To multiply the tables and increase the level of concealment, you can also take them apart and rearrange them.

pallet fence

braided rod fence:

In addition to bamboo, the braided stems are also widely used in the garden for fences, palisades, trellises, or opaque panels. As for the principle, it is the same. On small logs laid vertically or horizontally, you need to intertwine flexible wooden rods. Hazelnut is one of the most suitable options. By making a more or less tight braid, your fence darkens more or less. Another option to make a woven fence is to bet on living wicker, whose foliage will naturally enclose your garden.

A fence made from tree trunks:

Fencing off your yard with tree trunks is another easy DIY idea to limit or hide outdoor space. Despite its simplicity, this fence is probably the strongest and most resistant of all those presented so far. Therefore, make sure that the logs are placed vertically and well sunk into the ground so that they do not move. Also, be creative in choosing the right type of wood. For a rustic finish, you can go for pine or fir.

Birch, on the other hand, guarantees a more original and contemporary effect. Also, you can opt for commercially purchased logs, which are usually used as support. But although they are calibrated and treated for outer space, they are much less modern. And finally, to make sure your logs are lined up correctly, you can nail one or more boards behind them. For a more intimate effect, you need to create multiple rows of trunks to fill in the gaps.

tree fence

Other Decorative Ideas for your fence:

As we mentioned, with some recycled materials, the fence becomes a super original point of attraction. One of our favorite ideas is the art gallery spirit decor. To be successful, you’ll need antique picture frames in various sizes and shapes and paint of your choice. Paint the frames and hang them on the fence in as fun a composition as possible. Thanks to some vegetation, these frames become an aesthetic mini green wall and 100% DIY.

Of course, potted flowers and bouquets of fresh flowers are among the most logical ways to decorate the fence. However, one wonders how to decorate the garden in an alternative and ecological way. Therefore, the flowers to be made come to the rescue to replace the vivid ones and beautify our outdoor space.

No, garlands are not just for Christmas decorations! The cozy atmosphere will be with you all year long with this beautiful and easy-to-make decoration. An outdoor string of lights, starfish, seashells, lanterns, greenery, and that’s how to decorate the fence this summer!

An equally ingenious decoration idea would be to transform the wooden chests into a row of giant pencils. To do this, shape each slat of the vertical stockade into the shape of a pencil tip and color each one a mismatching color. This idea is perfect for families with young children who will be super happy to see the new multicolor decoration.

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