25+ Cheapest and Smartest DIY Thanksgiving Candle Ideas To Try

Decorating every single formal room in your house for the Thanksgiving day is always a fun thing to do. You can decorate the room based on the beautiful Fall nuance as mesmerizing as possible.

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Candles are surelyA�must-have decor to display on the dining table when you have a fun dinner on Thanksgiving day. They will sparkle and warm your dining room perfectly.

There are various Thanksgiving candle ideas that you can find on the internet, and of course, make one in your own home. With easily available materials, the cost is also very low, and won’t take up lots of your budget.

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Here, we have some Thanksgiving candle ideas which are very easy to make with a small amount of spending. They look so adorable and will surely inspire you to have one!

Thanksgiving Candle Ideas

Candles on Corns

Let’s start with this gorgeous candle which is very easy to make in no time. The materials that you need are only some white candles, dried corn kernels, maple leaves and twines.

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Put them on the tall clear glass, and you can have your own unique Thanksgiving candle on your dining table.

Natural-Wrapped Candles

This Thanksgiving candle ideas will make your dining table look so fun. Go grab some colorful candles in various sizes, prepare dried corn kernels and lentils.

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Then, stick an adhesive sheet in the middle of the candles, then roll them on the lentils. For a more attractive look, you can also have some faux pumpkins to put alongside the candles.

Green Veggie Candles

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Have some leftover vegetables after cooking your Thanksgiving meals? Wrap them around some white pillar candles, then tie with a golden ribbon, and voila! you have a gorgeous candle to decorate your dining table.

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Sweet Cinnamon Candles

Another creative Thanksgiving candle ideas which is made of things that you can find in your kitchen. You’ll only need some cinnamons, pillar candles, and twines.

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Wrap the candles by the cinnamons, put them on the small saucer, and this beautiful dining table decor is all yours.

Golden Pinecone Candles

One of the most favorite dried plants of Thanksgiving is the pinecone. You will find lots of adorable decors made of this natural stuff.

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Here, the pinecone is made to become a pillar candle holder which look so awesome. You can give a golden or bronze finish to make it look more catchy.

Fresh Orange Candles

Having this candle will not only lit up your dining table but also refresh the nuance around the room. Cut some oranges in half, take out everything inside the fruit, and leave the shell.

Fill the shell with olive oil then out a floating wick, your unique and adorable Thanksgiving candle is all set.

Wood Log Candles

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If you are willing enough to deal with grill, this superbly creative Thanksgiving candle ideas is definitely worth to try. You just have to find some small wood logs, drill a hole in the middle of the log, and put theA�tealight candle on.

Cute Corn Candle

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A gorgeous natural candle that will make your dining table look and feel so warm on this Thanksgiving dinner. You just need to tie some natural-colored small corns onto the candle, and it’s ready to add to your decor.

Turkey Candle

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This is surely one of the unique Thanksgiving candle ideas that you can make easily at home. Things that you have to prepare are only some popsicle sticks and glass tealight holder.

Pumpkin Candle Bowl

Again, a candle holder that is made of the fruit’s shell, and now pumpkin is on the act. Scoop out the seeds of the pumpkin, fill in the wax, and stick a wick, and the candle is all yours.

If you want to make it look more attractive, you can add the wax coloring that matches the color of your decor.

Greenish Candle Display

A super gorgeous Thanksgiving candle ideas that just need the greeneries, tall clear glass, and pillar candles as the materials. Just stick the plant to the glass surface, add the candle to the glass, and the steps are done.

Pinecone-accented Candles

This one is a much easier and also more creative way of using pinecone as the materials of the Thanksgiving candle ideas. Here, you’ll need some tall clear glass, pinecones, and twines.

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Cut most part of the pinecones and finish them with gold paint. Wrap the glass with the twine, then glue the pinecones on the glass’ surface.

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Maple Leave Candles

The mesmerizing yet piece-of-cake Thanksgiving candle ideas which will dazzle your dining table beautifully. Things that you need to prepare are some pillar candles, faux maple leaves, and brown twine.

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For a more attractive look, place the candles on the decorative tray. You can finish a wood board with the gold spray paint too.

Apple Candles

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Yes, this kind of candle is the popular ones that you can try to decorate your dining table this Thanksgiving. The top of the apple is scooped out so it can fit the tealight candle. It’s surely as easy as it sounds.

Real Pinecone Candles

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Obviously, this one is a real beautiful and adorable pinecone candle which is, again, very easy to make. The small brown candle is attached on top of the pinecone, and the result is very mesmerizing.

Browny Leaves Candles

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This one is a gorgeous candle with beautiful browny leaves. The leaves are tied by the cute farmhouse style ribbons which totally enhance its beauty.

White Jars Candles

Go grab a clear mason jar, stick a maple leave on one of its sides, then spray-paint with white finish. Fill in the jar with faux seeds and add the tealight candle inside.

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To make it look way more stylish, add a twine on the jar’s neck. The result is a beautiful Thanksgiving candle to enhance the decor of your dining table.

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Burlap Fall Candle

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A classic and rustic Thanksgiving candle ideas that is made of the burlap, twine, and dried maple leave. It’s totally easy to make once you have those materials to wrap the candle.

Upside Down Glass Candle

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If you are too lazy to paint, sticking, or even wrapping some materials to make your Thanksgiving candle, this one can be your great option. You just need some wine glasses, small faux pumpkins, and orange pillar candle.

Wood Bark Candle

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A very creative Thanksgiving candle ideas in which you will need the birch bark, jute string, and Maple leaves. Use those materials to wrap a white candle, then put it on a steel saucer.

Yarn-Wrapped Candle

This one is for you who prefer an electric candle rather than the regular one. Here, the battery-operated LED pillar candles are used which then wrapped with the colorful yarn.

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It’s totally easy to create and will sparkle your dining table beautifully lastingly.

Grayish Thanksgiving Candle

A simple yet gorgeous Thanksgiving candle ideas in warm gray color to perfectly decorate your dining table. You just need to dip in the candle with light and dark grey and it’s all done.

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Place the candles on the white ceramic or plastic saucer then complete the look with some cute faux pumpkins.

Post Block Thanksgiving Candle

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The super cute Thanksgiving candle ideas that is made of the 4×4 post block. To decorate it, you can use the Fall-themed vinyl stickers, craft paint, and some decorative ribbons.

Candle on Wreath

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If you have a Fall-themed wreath, you can make it decorate your Thanksgiving candle. You’ll need a large tall clear glass and a white pillar candle. Put them in the center of the wreath, then set it on your dining table.

Candy Corn Candle

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An easy Thanksgiving candle ideas for you who want a more cheerful vibrant decor to beautify your dining table. The materials include clear tall glass, wax, orange and yellow spray.

Glittery Pillar Candle

Another Thanksgiving candle ideas which uses a battery-operated pillar candle. It’s a perfect choice for you who want to add a glamorous touch to your dining table.

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You just need to dip the LED pillar candles into a tray of glitter then it’s ready to set.

Twigs Candle

A wonderful nature-inspired Thanksgiving candle ideas which will cost you nothing if you already have a short clear glass and a pillar candle.

thanksgiving candle ideas 26-min

Just sticks some twigs on the glass surface with the glue gun and this candle is all yours.

Corny Candle in Jar

Yes, corn is never a bad idea as the accent for your Thanksgiving candle. Here, the design is very simple, you just need to fill a clear mason with the corn kernels then put an orange candle on it.

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So those are some beautiful Thanksgiving candle ideas that you can make easily and cheaply at home in no time. Match the candles with other Thanksgiving dining table decoration that you have, and have a fun Thanksgiving dinner!

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