25+ Stunningly Creative DIY Christmas Wall Decoration Ideas

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to bring your house into a whole new style. Redecorating your house with some adorable, sparkling, and, of course, colorful things is totally a must.

One part of your house that needs to be decorated is the major walls, especially the ones in your living room. It’s so boring to let them look plain without any additional decoration to enhance its style.

Sure you can find thousands of adorable products to decorate your living room wall, but making your own bells and whistles always sounds way more fun. You can create your own unique Christmas wall decorations.

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Here, we have summarized easiest and smartest Christmas wall decorations ideas for living room which will amaze you. With just some small efforts and low budgets, you can make them just in no time.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to find some Christmas wall decorations ideas that you have to try this year!

Christmas Wall Decorations Ideas

Hanging Pipes Christmas Tree

A beautiful hanging which is made of some cut pipes with the colorful sparkling balls inside. You need various sizes of white PVC pipes, cut them into some thin pieces.

christmas wall decorations ideas 1-min

Arrange the pipes on the huge wood board as perfect as possible. After the pipes are all set, you can start putting some colorful Christmas balls or even some cute figurines.

Popsicle Sticks Snowflakes

The superbly adorable Christmas wall decorations ideas which is made of some popsicle sticks. The sticks are arranged in snowflakes patterns then finished with red craft paint.

christmas wall decorations ideas 2-min

Use a red small ribbon to hang them on your wall and you are ready to have a beautifullyA�warm living room.

Colorful ChristmasA�Triangle

An easy and cheap Christmas wall decorations ideas which will give a vibrant color touch in a more minimalist way to your living room. You’ll need some colorful papers and fold them into some small triangles.

christmas wall decorations ideas 3-min

Arrange the folded papers on your wall, and give a string light to make it way more eye-catchy.

Honeycomb Ball Christmas Tree

christmas wall decorations ideas 4-min

The cute colorful Christmas tree which is made of the paper honeycomb balls.A� Stick the honeycombs on your living wall by using non-permanent adhesive, and create your own unique Christmas tree!

Snowy Hanging Deer

christmas wall decorations ideas 5-min

If you already have a faux deer head, you just need to finish it with the white spray paint. Then to make it look more fun, stick some colorful stars made of the papers around the deer head.

Wood Log Hanging Christmas Tree

christmas wall decorations ideas 6-min

Go find some small wood logs, then cut them to make some cute round woods. Arrange them on the wall and you can have a mesmerizing nature-inspired Christmas wall decorations ideas.

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

christmas wall decorations ideas 7-min

This Christmas wall decorations ideas is a perfect choice for you who want to give a farmhouse touch to your living room. You can make it by using some used shipping wood pallets to make this one.

Geometric Christmas Tree

christmas wall decorations ideas 8-min

A very simple Christmas Wall decoration ideas that is made of the colorful tape. It’s such a beautiful decor for you who love somethingA�more contemporary.

Fabric Deer Head

christmas wall decorations ideas 9-min

To create this unique cute dear head, you will need some decorative fabrics and fiberfill. Draw a deer head pattern, sew the fabric, then fill it with the fiber.

Hanging Fall Inspired Christmas Decor

christmas wall decorations ideas 10-min

The gorgeous Chrismas wall decorations ideas which still adapts the theme of fall with the greeneries and pinecone. You’ll need to prepare wood ring, ribbon, pinecones, and greenery to create this decor.

White Branch Christmas Tree

Another Christmas tree which is made of the natural things that you can find around you. The branches are finished in white, then give some colorful balls and twine.

christmas wall decorations ideas 11-min

Moreover, this decor can give a beautiful coastal touch to your living room perfectly.

Pinecone Wreath

christmas wall decorations ideas 12-min

Again, pinecone is used for the Christmas wall decoration. Here, the pinecones are made into a gorgeous wreath that looks naturally gorgeous. With some colorful beads, the wreath looks way more fun.

Glittery Hanging Rudolph

christmas wall decorations ideas 12b-min

A beautiful sparkling Christmas wall decorations ideas that you can make by using a styrofoam and glitter scrapbook paper. The decor is cute and glamorous at the same time.

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Holiday Card Christmas Tree

christmas wall decorations ideas 13-min

The adorable Christmas tree inspired decor which is made of the jute twine, clothespins, colorful balls, and cardstock. It will be chic holiday cards display to decorate your living room.

Hanging Decorative Plates

christmas wall decorations ideas 14b-min

Go grab some basic white plates, and stick the J, O, Y adhesive letters on each of them. Then, hang the plates on your living room wall, and your mesmerizing Christmas decor is all set.

JOY Christmas Wreath

christmas wall decorations ideas 14-min

Another JOY decor which looks dazzlingly adorable, and here the wreath made of the sparkling balls acts as the O letter. It looks so beautifully creative to decorate your living room wall.

Hanging Wall Art

Adding some reddish gold wall decor is surely a great idea for the Christmas season, and this one is totally a worth to try one.

christmas wall decorations ideas 15-min

You will need to prepare some red holiday-themed decorative fabrics, foam boards, and raffia ribbon. You can see how this Christmas wall decorations ideas look so gorgeous in bringing the white wall into a whole new style.

Ribbon Star on Pallet

A wood pallet is surely a cheap and easily available material for a DIY project. Here, the wood is used as the backing for a red star made of ribbon.

christmas wall decorations ideas 16-min

This gorgeous vibrant decor is very simple to make in which you just need to draw a star pattern on the wood then attach some screws to secure the ribbon.

Red Cute Deer Painting

Having a chich painting to decorate your living room for the upcoming Christmas day is never a bad idea. But, you have to make it as unique as possible, and this one can be an easy idea to try.

christmas wall decorations ideas 17-min

TheA�cute half-framed deer painting in red with a white background which looks so cute and unique. You can make it easily at home without any needs of expert painting skill.

In-frame Ball Chrismas Tree

christmas wall decorations ideas 18-min

The colorful yet elegant Christmas wall decorations ideas that you have to own this year. The materials include an old frame, Christmas balls in some shades of green finish, and black wire.

Gray Tissue Paper Tree

This one is superbly stylish Christmas tree that will tell all the coming guest and family members how fashionable you are.

christmas wall decorations ideas 19-min

The surprise is, the tree is only made of the tissue papers. Then, you just need to cut the papers in fringe style and stick them in the wall.

Hanging Wrapped Box

Don’t throw away those pizza boxes because you can turn them into some gorgeous Christmas wall decor like this one. Wrap the boxes by the red craft paper, then add a green ribbon for a more beautiful look.

In-frame Christmas Balls

christmas wall decorations ideas 21-min

A super fun Christmas wall decorations ideas that will add a festive look to your living room perfectly. It’s very easy to make and won’t cost you lots of budgets.

Decorative Boxes

christmas wall decorations ideas 22-min

This one is very decorative decor that will give a cheerful atmosphere to your living room. You can make it easily by using the materials that include styrofoam board, patterned scrapbooking papers, and glitter.

Gift Display Christmas Tree

christmas wall decorations ideas 23

Go grab some used shipping wood pallets and rope to make this adorable gift display. It will add a mesmerizing boho touch to your living room very well.

Colorful Ball Tree

christmas wall decorations ideas 24-min

Another cute Christmas wall decorations ideas which is such a piece-of-cake DIY project to try. The balls are arranged in such formation creating a unique and eye-catchy decor to enhance the look of your plain wall.

Decorative Cardboard Deer Head

A beautiful and distinctive faux deer head with a gorgeous decorative look. You can make it by using foam board or cardboard that is cut into a deer head shape.

christmas wall decorations ideas 24-min

Then, wrap the foam or cardboard with a decorative fabric and you ready to set your unique faux deer head on your living room’s wall.

Christmas’ Hanging Stars

christmas wall decorations ideas 25-min

A gorgeously sparkling Christmas wall decoration ideas which is made of a twine, branch, plastic stars and fish line. It’s also a good choice for you who love something boho for your living room this Christmas.

Pallet Sock Hanger

christmas wall decorations ideas 26-min

The cute sock hangers that look quite unique to be part of your Christmas decor. You can use the wood from shipping wood pallet and attach an iron hook for the hanger.

So those are some stunningly creative Christmas wall decorations for living room that you can try to make at your home. The materials are very easily available and sold at very affordable price tags.

Moreover, most of them are also totally easy to make with some simple steps that you have to do. The results are surprisingly beautiful to enhance the look of your living room in this year’s Christmas season.

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A living room is always a very important spot of the house to be made as beautiful as possible. The room will become the hub where all the family members and coming guests gather around to celebrate the day.

Well, have fun decorating your living room!

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