The 3 Kitchen Items That You Should Splurge On

When you are on a budget it is tempting to go as cheap as possible on just about everything that you buy. However, there are times when you should absolutely spend more to get something that is made with care and quality. For things that you will be using all the time, it is money well spent when you splurge and buy the high-end version.

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Over time, these high ticket items pay for themselves since buying a cheaper version usually involves having to replace them multiple times. Buy something once that will last for decades. Kitchen items are some of those items that make more sense to spend money on, especially if you’ve already spent money on a kitchen renovation. In this article, we will go over several that are worth the money.

1 – Knives

 Believe it or not, but, the most dangerous item in your house is almost certainly a cheap kitchen knife. Even worse is one that is dull. When the knife is cheap it doesn’t cut well so you have to use some force to cut or chop. This is when mistakes happen and you can seriously cut yourself.

Spend at least $100 on a basic set of three knives plus a sharpening stone to keep a professional edge on them. You only need a chef’s knife, boning knife, and a paring knife to do just about every cutting job you would face in the kitchen. You can add to the set over time, but at least have those three types of knives.

2 – Dutch oven

 A Dutch oven is a big pot that is made out of solid cast iron. They are excellent at braising meats and making stews plus a whole host of other dishes. Since they are so solid, they heat up evenly and maintain the heat well.

The best ones are coated in enamel and will last a lifetime. In fact, it is not unusual for grandparents to pass down an old enamel-coated Dutch oven to their grandkids because they last so long.

The best ones are French and do cost quite a pretty penny. However, think of them as an investment and that they will never need to be replaced.

3 – Stand mixer

 A good stand mixer is going to set you back quite a bit. It will get used plenty if you are somebody who likes to cook so it will certainly be worth it. They are incredibly versatile so there is little they can’t do.

A good one should be powerful enough to do things like mix dough for bread and even grind your own meat with a special attachment. They have so many different attachments that you can make pasta, and even make sausages.

If you are interested in baking at all, then you will love using this to mix batters and whip up some egg whites for meringue. As long as you have the space on your counter for a stand mixer then you will get plenty of use out of it.

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