The Best Farmhouse Sinks on a Budget in 2020

The Best Farmhouse Sinks on a Budget in 2020

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

The farmhouse sink is a perfect addition to all kitchen designs. It looks well in a traditional and also in modern interiors, giving you the sense of a beautifully finished kitchen with functional equipment. You can experiment with choosing a faucet that can completely change the design. The farmhouse sink is base for interior design fun – you can look at it like a blank canvas.

For too long, people have focused on aluminum sinks. They were easy to get and it seemed like there was no other choice. Recently, there has been a reinnassaince when it comes to rediscovering classic trends – like Provance style kitchens, antique accents and yes – classic white farmhouse sinks.

In the decades past, classic design items were difficult to find without looking into antique stores or sacrificing a lot of time and hitting every estate sale you could find. Today, it’s much easier than that. Not only can you look for antique items online, but there are a lot of retro style items made new – all you need to do is find a website that concentrates on retro design – and with sinks, it’s probably best to go to places that specialize in bathroom or kitchen fittings.

Sometimes, it’s actually cheaper to buy new than antique. In this article, we will show you the best farmhouse sinks that you can get without spending a lot of money.

Single or Double Bowl Sink

Single bowl sink fits not only in small kitchens. It is often used where a dishwasher is already installed because there is no need for a place for dirty dishes. One-chamber sinks are, of course, also a cheaper option than the two-chamber ones.

Two-chamber sinks are the perfect solution to the kitchen without a dishwasher. They are also a much more convenient option for use in kitchens where you cook a lot or where the surface is.

You can work easier in a kitchen that has a two chamber sink, especially if you have a lot of prep work. Two chamber sinks are a better option for a very busy kitchen that feeds a lot of people.

Of course, double-bowl sinks will also prove useful wherever there will be no dishwasher in the kitchen. If your budget does not allow you to have such equipment yet, it is worth providing adequate space for the dishes to be washed by purchasing a two-chamber farmhouse sink.

For a person who likes to cook, a two-compartment sink is a lot easier and means a shorter time to prepare meals. Even if the kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, it is worth considering whether a double-bowl sink would not be an investment that pays off due to its convenience.

Farm Sink Color

Not only the size of a sink is important when keeping the budget. A color has meaning too. Of course, white sinks are the cheapest ones. However, some producers are proposing black or brown color of a sink, which can better fit your kitchen interior.

Those sinks with intense colors look great but can be pricey. But let’s face it – sometimes it’s worth it to pay more for a little flair and accent. Keep in mind that white sinks will always be less expensive.

Farm Sink Materials on a Budget

Sinks are made of many different materials: fireclay, copper, granite, or stainless steel. However, copper and granite can be costly, so choosing these materials will not be the best idea if you want to save some money. Here are the advantages of two durable and nice-looking materials that won’t use up your entire budget:

  • Stainless steel – this material is definitely the cheapest one. In the case of affordability, you probably won’t find anything better. It also matches many additional appliances in the kitchen, so it’s easy to introduce it into almost every interior design.
  • Fireclay – in terms of value that goes with price, nothing can beat fireclay. It is a bit more expensive than stainless steel, but it is durable and resistant to scratches and discoloration so that it will serve you for a long time. Fireclay looks very lovely in traditional kitchens.


When choosing a sink for your kitchen, remember that it must first of all be functional for you and your family. Always consider this factor first. Then you can think if it would be possible to reduce its price by saving on the materials, it is made of.

The kitchen is the heart of your organised home, so it is worth putting more effort into planning its appearance than other rooms. Choosing a beautiful sink, which will not expose you to a large financial expense, will seal the kitchen’s design.

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