Top 5 Ways to Create an Amazing Kitchen Set Up

That small wall space may be all you need to create the most beautiful kitchen you ever had. Limited wall space can add no spice to your interior decoration. Nevertheless, every design-related problem has the right solution.

This guide offers some of the best ways to create an amazing set up for your kitchen space.

  1. Use canvas wall arts

Canvas wall arts are suitable for both small and long walls. Include paintings on your kitchen wall to make it appear bigger. Wall arts can serve as a reminder for your menu list and food timetable. Moreover, it is much easier to fix a poor wall cabinet with quality wall art. They work best above the cabinet since it’s often the first area to catch the attention of anybody visiting the kitchen. You can get inspiration for your kitchen canvas wall arts here.

  1. Create enough ventilation

The kitchen is usually the stuffiest room in the house. To enjoy your cooking, make sure the windows are wide enough to let some air in or install an electronic fan. If you have a low ceiling, a standing fan would be the most appropriate in this case. In other cases, you can place a mini fan or AC on the wall. However, make sure it is not too large in order not to disfigure the kitchen wall.

  1. Use open kitchen shelving

An open kitchen shelving will create a more expansive space and allow you to enjoy your area at the barest level. Since shelves are designed to hold different items, you can demarcate each stand for easy placement of tools.

If you have categories of frames, keep them cohesive and straightforward by using a mint, wood, or peach colorway. If you feel the wooden cabinets would be too dull, you can add a wow factor such as a colorful backsplash.

  1. Choose the right color combo

Sometimes, we may want to spice things up with a mixture of colors. This will come out well, provided you choose colors that blend well. You may want to give it a trial with green, yellow, and red. These three combos are sparkling in kitchen furniture and equipment.

At the center wall, you can choose a solid color to break the line of paint. The middle wall is usually the center of attraction for most kitchens, so you should pay keen attention to it.

  1. Add pendant lights to your kitchen wall

You need suitable lighting to make the colors bright and livable after using mixtures. You can either suspend the pendant light on the middle wall, preparation table, or the kitchen sink.


If you are yet to figure out the best idea for your kitchen wall, go by nature. You can place an indoor plant at the strategic place of your kitchen to add life to your cooking. This has proven to work for many home keepers.

On the other hand, the kitchen wall is one of the most specific areas to decorate. All you need is to apply workable designs, as stated above.

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