Vita Spa Hot Tub Review and Price: The Prestige 500 Series

The popularity of hot tub becomes higher and higher today. People seek for relaxation time after struggling in the rough days, and hot tub is a perfect solution. There are many spas brands that offer reliable and beautiful spas, and you can choose them based on your needs.

Vita Spa Hot Tub has been producing spa since 1974, more than 4 decades for that matters. The brand is one of the reliable hot tub manufacturers which produces numbers of high quality and innovative spa. With this reputation, it is surely considerable for you to choose the spa products from Vita Spa.

The Vita Spa Envie has been designed to provide a relaxing experience that will leave you feeling refreshed after each use. It comes with a number of useful features, making it ideal for any home environment.

There are 4 series with 19 models from Vita Spa Hot Tub which have various sizes and features. The most popular one is Vita Prestige 500 Series which is a 6-person spa with 52 powerful stainless steel jets. It has received some awards like the ‘2014 What Spa Best Buy’ for instance, such a good choice for family size hot tub.

Vita Spa Hot Tub Review

vita spa hot tub review
credit: Hot Tubs Hampshire


Prestige comes with 84 x 84 x 38 inches dimension, which comfortably fits for 6 adults or even 7. The AquaGlo is Vita’s lighting system in 500 Series which makes the tub look really attractive, the lights include:

  • Aurora cascades, the light that illuminates the fountain on the side of the tub.
  • Illuminate controls, it is the light under the diverter valves and air controls to make the control easy to use in the night.
  • The lighted cup holder is the lighted glass holder.

500 Series control pad is an easy-to-use panel to control the spa’s system. The panel has some features include the wide LCD temperature display, LED backlighting and programmable filter cycles.


What about its durability? Don’t worry, besides all those beauties, the spa is made in strong construction. The steel sub-structure which is so sturdy is used in Vita Prestige Spa. The light-gauge steel frame is also resistant to corrosion, makes it durable to use over time. The Excel-X™ cabinet is made of a high impact composite which looks like the actual wood, also featured with weather and stain protection.


The 52 stainless steel jets of the tub surely give you the incredible relaxing sensation. All the jets are placed strategically zone-by-zone with Symphonic Wave Seat system that can massage the targeted areas like the neck, shoulder, and back vigorously.  The tub also features a 20 jet lounger seat which provides a head to toe massage.

Energy Efficiency

For 500 series, Vita includes their hot tubs with Northern Exposure Insulation System which is an innovative thermal barrier technology. The reflective copper element is provided in all four sides of the spas and the floor, creating the incredible heat insulation which saves the energy cost. Moreover, the exterior has 3M Thinsulate feature, which is the three layer system for more efficient heating. (Read also: Oasis Hot Tub Spas)

Water Care

The dual water care system which is the combination of CleanZone Ozone System and CleanZone II UVC work by ensuring the maximum amount of water that will be filtered before the water re-streamed to the tub. It makes the water clean, healthy and doesn’t require much chemical use.


You can get the tub by spending $8, 973. It is such a reasonable price for a 6-person spa which has dozens of jets and stunning design that will not make you disappointed.

Vita Spa Prestige 500

vita spa hot tub
credit: Hot Tubs Norfolk


Seating capacity 6adults
Dimension  83 x 83 x 38 inches
Dry weight 868 lbs
Filled weight 3857 lbs
Water capacity 307 gallons
Jet numbers 52 stainless steel jets
Power 240 Volts / 40 A / 60 A
Pump 1 & 2 56 Frame 2 Speed 6.0 bHP
Lighting system AquaGlo™
Shell Acrylic
Cabinet  Wood-like Excel-X™ Maintenance Free Cabinet

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