Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Brand New

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Everyone agrees that the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, drab interiors and limited space can put people off from hanging out in the kitchen. No one wants to sit in a room with curling linoleum, scratched countertops, and peeling cabinets. An awkward layout can also make things problematic. For example, being unable to open a drawer because of the refrigerator. Or you might not have enough space to prepare lunch.

On the other hand, remodeling can also increase storage options. Furthermore, investing in the kitchen can also increase the value of your home in case you plan on selling it in the future. Buyers usually prefer houses with updated kitchens.

Old kitchen appliances can drain electricity and use more water. Plus, repairing retro ovens and dishwashers is expensive. Renovating your kitchen can help you switch to ecologically compliant devices.

Unfortunately, kitchen renovations are expensive and time-consuming. However, there are ways you can update your kitchen space without breaking the bank. Here’s how.

  • Maximize space: People living in small places may find it challenging to fit an Aga stove in their tiny apartment. Some areas, such as bachelor apartments, have kitchenettes instead of a complete kitchen. Homeowners can use hot plates to increase space and get an affordable alternative stove. According to a detailed review of electric single burners, the Courant Electric Burner is lightweight and easy to use. Other ways to increase space include vertical storage options and over-the-sink cutting boards. A vertical rail keeps cookware off the counter, whereas a portable board is a quick fix for limited counter space.
  • Use mirrors: The backsplash is a game-changer for kitchens. The right fit can transform the kitchen and brighten it up. A mirrored backsplash can open up a space and bring in natural light. Kitchens without light can utilize mirrors to bounce light around. However, sometimes mirrors can make a space look kitschy. Traditionalists can use wall-to-wall mirror tiles between the cabinets and countertops to reflect light in the room. Windows can also serve the function of a mirrored backsplash and provide beautiful views.
  • Color the cabinets: A fresh coat of paint or wood polish can make a space look new. So, update your old cabinets by painting them with self-priming paint. However, you will have to remove the knobs and handles before attempting the project. Your surfaces will also need a quick wash and sanding to make them even. Three coats of a fierce color will convert an understated kitchen into an avant-garde work of art. An earthy green or mango yellow can add a warm personality to the kitchen.
  • Add some art: A piece of art can add character to an uninspiring kitchen. A single, splashy painting or poster can create a focal point in your space. But, don’t worry. You can buy affordable items for your kitchen. There are several files under 6 dollars on com. Just download the poster, print it from a copy shop, and frame it. The whole thing will cost you less than 25 dollars.
  • Hang open shelving: A new cabinet can cost you thousands of dollars. However, you can reduce costs by investing in open shelving. Floating shelves give a modern touch to rooms. Open shelves make spaces feel amazing, and they give owners a chance to personalize the space. You can even make the shelves yourself by cutting reclaimed wood planks and mounting them on wall brackets. Feature your dishes and glassware on the shelves to add more charm and color to the kitchen.
  • Experiment with wallpaper: Wallpaper in the kitchen may seem like a bad idea because of grease and food splashes. But, surprise elements elevate spaces. So, a busy wallpaper will make your kitchen look exquisite. Wallpaper adds texture and color with patterns and unique designs. Furthermore, paper with a vinyl finish is durable. Therefore, it can last for several years, and it is easy to clean. The best thing is that you do not have to spend too much on the update. The project will cost you less than 500 dollars for a makeover.
  • Introduce a kitchen island: We know that a large, custom island is not feasible for every space. It costs a lot of money and takes up precious space. But, homeowners can choose freestanding islands to add prep space and storage while keeping costs low. Plus, you can tuck the portable island away when you need extra space for other activities.
  • Weave some color: Eclectic kitchens look homely and inviting. But, they can easily make your area feel cluttered and disorganized. So, you can unify the haphazard style of your kitchen by adding bold colors. For example, bright-colored bar stools can add depth to your kitchen. It can also add personality and make a statement.
  • Invest in your hardware: Though it costs a pretty penny, updated hardware can spruce up your kitchen. Sinks and faucets are the focal points of the kitchen. You can experiment with them to update your space. Warm-toned materials are in vogue, so brassy faucets can add some sophistication to your kitchen. But, do not go overboard with them. Use chrome and nickel finishes throughout the space. Hardware is also expensive. A new spout may cost you approximately 400 dollars.
  • Reconsider the flooring: Modern homeowners want an open space plan for their houses. So, closed-off and sectioned kitchens do not work. Integrate the kitchen into the rest of the space by using the same flooring as the surroundings. You can also add underfloor heating to warm the tiles during cold winters.
  • Don’t ignore the ceiling: You can use the roof to improve your design. A well-lit and bright ceiling can be very aesthetically pleasing. You can also paint it to bring your design to life. Beams and planks also give a rustic, homely approach. 


The kitchen is the most vital space in a home. Investing in a kitchen also allows you to make a statement and make the room more inviting and warm. But, updating a kitchen needs creativity because you have to improve the layout and keep it functional. Things can get out of hand during a renovation project. Creating a budget before beginning the project is the easiest way to limit spending too much. Rest assured, follow the tips mentioned above, and you’ll have a new-looking kitchen that’ll make visitors green with envy.

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