4 Sustainable Kitchen Ideas For 2021

Are you trying to convert your kitchen into a greener space? It’s time to renovate or at least change a few areas. Add in an eco-spin into your kitchen, and you’ll have a sustainable kitchen that’s beautiful and functional at the same time.

Opting for a green-themed kitchen offers many environmentally friendly options and ideas. From using reclaimed wood to installing LED lights, there are many efforts you can make to turn your kitchen into a sustainable one.

To make your eco-friendly kitchen, apply the following innovative and practical kitchen ideas: 

  1. Use Reclaimed Wood

It’s common to find kitchens that use lots of wood because the material provides a warm and cozy atmosphere. The use of timber goes beyond the cabinets, floors, ceilings, slabs, barriers, or cupboards. You can also enjoy reclaimed wood countertop options; there are varieties of textures and designs, as well as types of wood to choose from. What’s even better is these are reclaimed wood, so it’s best for the planet.

The best feature about working with wood materials in your kitchen areas is you have the option to choose the ones that’d last long. There are also many methods to prepare the visual effects of wood, so your kitchen can have that rustic or natural feel. However, if you don’t want to reveal its woody natural texture, you always have the option to paint them with whatever color and design you wish. This way, they won’t look like real wood from afar. 

  1. Convert Your Lights To LED

One of the trends these days is to use pendant lights at home. There are many shapes and designs you can find online and in physical stores. Among the most popular shapes include large globes and dramatic hangable. Some designs and materials create more dramatic effects for your countertops, bars, and other kitchen areas that need lighting. With all these lighting designs, you must incorporate LED as they become one of the most revolutionary options today.

Although they’re launched with more downplayed designs, LED lights now come in many forms, shapes, and models. Their innovation is unlimited as there are now contemporary shapes that can be made. These are energy-efficient, long-lasting, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. You can place these lights around the kitchen islands, countertop areas, tables, and prime locations. 

  1. Use Furniture Made Out Of Salvaged Materials

Using salvaged materials offer more value knowing they came from trash but were turned into something usable and precious. You can find creative and functional furniture items sold in salvage yards. Some were made of reclaimed materials while some are repurposed or recycled. Whatever furniture or item you choose, this will make your sustainable kitchen greener.

You’ll also feel good knowing you’ve helped decrease the contribution of trashes to the landfill. Find the right stores that offer and sell furniture made of salvaged materials. 

  1. Invest In Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Appliances today are created with sustainability consideration as the industry is looking to be more concerned with nature and the environment. Having energy-efficient appliances can help minimize energy consumption. The implementation of efficiency features by notable brands is driving demand for many.

Today, households contribute a large number of greenhouse gases due to the use of energy-consuming appliances. Greenhouse gas emissions primarily cause climate change. This is why you may find it advantageous to use energy-efficient tools to reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are some benefits of using energy-efficient appliances:

  • They Help Save Water

To save money on your water and electricity bill, consider buying appliances that don’t consume as much energy and water as older models do. It’s possible to save by using these energy-efficient appliances and do your household chores more efficiently while protecting the environment.

  • They Enhance Quality Of Life

Quality of life can be enhanced through energy-efficient appliances. The convenience they offer can make your life easier. You can also rely on these home appliances to save time and money since they’ll only require minimal replacements and maintenance.

  • They Help Reduce Carbon Footprint

Energy-efficient home appliances produce fewer greenhouse gases and will help you reduce your carbon footprint. It’s essential to use these appliances to help decrease the effects of climate change on living things.


There are many ways to make your kitchen more sustainable. You can opt for reclaimed and salvaged materials to use in different kitchen areas, including furniture. LED lights and energy-efficient appliances also contribute to keeping your kitchen greener. These efforts can be your initiative to help keep the environment healthy. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you incorporate eco-friendly ideas in your kitchen.

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