8 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look as Good as New

Investing in your worn-out bathroom amenities is a great way to make you feel good. Moreover, you will not feel like stepping out immediately every time you step into the bathroom.

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It is estimated that the average human being spends at least thirty minutes in the toilet daily, amounting to 182 hours a year.

Therefore, investing a good amount of money in a place you spend that much time is undoubtedly not a frivolous expense. You may have moved houses or noticed that your bathroom is too old and dysfunctional. Don’t worry. Here are a few budget-friendly tricks to making that bathroom look functional and as good as new.

1. Apply New Paint

Even the least skilled person can do a paint job. All you need is paint, a paint roller, and paintbrushes.

A new paint look makes your walls look brand new. You can also refinish your toilet shell for that artistic feel. Don’t go to the extent of painting your flush valves for toilets and urinals; you can only replace them.

You can upgrade your vanity by applying a new coat of paint. But first, you must scrub off the old paint, sand it, and then apply the fresh paint and varnish. You can also paint your ceiling a bright color, which can help make the smallest of spaces feel more expansive and luxurious.

The effect is even more pronounced with darker shades. However, you may want to avoid shiny colors elsewhere as the room becomes more of a circus than a therapy room.

Semi-gloss paints are standard for bathroom walls and cabinetry due to durability as they can withstand humidity. You can paint your walls and cabinetry a bolder color to add instant personality.

2. Replace the Tiles

Placing tiles is one of the most basic and effective ways to upgrade your bathroom. Tiles are a favorite for many because they are easy to work with, are affordable, and can be taken in a different direction depending on your preference.

If you want an updated bathroom on a tight budget, you can lay a new pattern on the floor and watch how noticeable a difference it makes.

3. Replace or Refinish the Bathtub

Old rusty bathtubs are not the best sights to look at, and the idea of taking a bath in them gives you hives. Replacing your old bathtub with a new, modern one spells luxury and prevents future complications of leakages and cracks. Therefore, you can consider replacing your old bathtub with a freestanding, deep soaking tub which is the ultimate luxury.

If you cannot afford to replace that bathtub, refinishing it is another excellent way to lengthen its life and make it appealing. Good paint prevents the tub’s rust and promotes positive aesthetics in the bathroom.

Remember to first sand a tub with peelings before you paint it and wear protective equipment as these peelings of old paint contain lead, which is a harmful substance.

4. Replace Shower Curtain with Glass

Old bathrooms are often easily recognizable by one thing – shower curtains. Shower curtains were introduced in the early twentieth century. Shower curtains take longer to clean than glass showers. This long time frame is because they collect soap scum, mildew, and molds.

Shower curtains also trap bacteria more than shower glass. Shower curtains also make your bath space look smaller and darker, unlike shower glass, which allows more light into the room, making it look bigger.

5. Upgrade Lighting

Upgrading the lights in your bathroom is a simple way to update and improve a bathroom. Most toilets in older homes have an overhead or a bar light over the mirror.

For a more flattering glow, replace your bulbs with LED bulbs. They are low-wattage and full-spectrum, thus suitable for daytime lighting.

You can also upgrade your bathroom mirror by installing a mirror with lights where you can adjust the brightness. It makes it easy when you apply makeup, and you can take flattering selfies.

Another great fixture is a pair of wall sconces – one on each side of the mirror. Make sure to fix them at about eye level, so they don’t cast shadows.

6. Include Plants

Plants in the bathroom reduce the number of toxins in the air as they act as a filter. They are easy to maintain as you do not have to keep watering them. They can absorb moisture in the bathroom.

Apart from their environmental benefits, they also provide great aesthetics to your bathroom. The type of container to grow your plants in also contributes to the overall appearance of your bathroom. Most interior designers recommend using neutral colors as they scream luxury at its finest.

The outdoor plants that can survive in your bathroom are eucalyptus, snake, Boston fern, and English Ivy.

Plants in your bathroom also improve your mental and emotional health as they reduce stress, boost energy levels, and increase productivity as they are incredibly therapeutic.

7. Good Ventilation

Good ventilation in your bathroom is extremely crucial. Some of the reasons your bathroom is stuffy are clogged drain pipes, little water when flushing, and flushing wipes that end up causing a blockage in your plumbing system. This results in a foul odor.

You can resolve this by installing bathroom fans, using metals or PVC for ductwork, and keeping duct runs as short and straight as possible.

As you upgrade your bathroom, ensure that your windows can be easily opened and closed to allow fresh air circulation. Use high-quality glass windows that will increase light access into the bathroom, saving that electricity bill.

8. Replace the Shower Head

Replacing the shower with a spa-like shower head can transform the aesthetics of your bath, taking its aesthetics from zero to hero. Installing this shower head is among the most doable DIY solutions.

You can also install a dual model shower head, whose features of a rain head and detachable handheld sprayer make cleaning your tub more effortless. A new showerhead makes your bathroom more functional and ensures you enjoy your time under the spray.

Final Thoughts

If you have moved into a new home, or your bathroom has given in to the ravages of time, it’s time to do an upgrade by changing the tiles, applying fresh paint, refinishing the tub, or changing your showerhead.

And, if you are not a DIY person, you can hire experts. Given that you are willing to pay the price, they will make everything as easy and smooth as possible for you and have your bathroom looking as good as new.

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