The Ultimate Tips and Guides to Choose Best Dehumidifier for Bathroom

As we know, a bathroom is the dampest place in our house that develops the humidity at worst. The hot shower and bath hold the important role to create such condition. Especially, if you have a bathroom with bad ventilation, the mold will grow up much faster.

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Surely, the mold and spores will make you feel uncomfortable and unpleasant when you use the bathroom. They also potentially cause a huge risk to your health as well. Sooner or later, your family health will be disrupted, so, it is your time to prevent this happens.

The most efficient and effective way that you can do is using a dehumidifier for your bathroom. So, what is the dehumidifier? That is a device that removes excess moisture from the air. It is an ideal device to prevent the excessive moisture problem to happen in your bathroom.

Best Dehumidifier for Bathroom

Before you use this device to your bathroom, it is better for you to see the mildew and mold as well. Of course, having them in your bathroom is totally a bad sign.  Especially, if you are sensitive to allergens, it will automatically impact the quality of your sleep and trouble your breathing.

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Here, we will describe the bad humid signs of the bathroom, the reason why you must choose the dehumidifier, the consideration in choosing the dehumidifier, the tips in choosing the right dehumidifier and the best dehumidifier for bathroom that you can buy. They will be explained one by one clearly, below.

The Signs of Humid in Your Bathroom

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There are many signs appear when your bathroom is getting over humid. It is such an important thing to find out those signs before they can cause some health problems for you.

  1. Mold and Mildew Appears

    The first sign, if you see the mold and mildews in the corner of your bathroom. It is totally a bad sign that the humidity level is higher that it’s supposed to be. Make sure that you check it routinely so that it won’t spread to the other rooms in your house.

  2. Condensation on The Glass Surface

    This is an easy sign that you can find in the mirror or window. The humidity appears when you find the condensation on the mirror, windows or other glass surfaces.

  3. The Paint Fading

    The over humidity level is one of the major causes that makes the paint on the wall is getting fade.

  4. The Bad Smell Comes

    The worse humidity sign is an odd and bathroom odor smell that comes from the bathroom as well.

After you have known the signs of humidity in your bathroom, You can easily know when is the right time that you have to place the best dehumidifier for bathroom to remove the excessive moisture. Having a good quality sleep and taking an enjoyable warm bath is your dream as well, so it is so important way to prevent the problem to happen in your bathroom.

Last but not least, it also saves your money for repair and maintenance the bathroom.

The Best Dehumidifier Products

Now here, we have some best dehumidifier for bathroom to prevent the mold and mildews that can disturb your healthy lifestyle. These are some top products which are chosen by many homeowners. The product is available in some trusted marketplaces across the countries.

Frigidaire 30-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control ($152.99)

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The first dehumidifier product, it offers the 30 pints per day performance by using the standard 115V electric power. It totally helps to remove the bacteria in the air that trouble your breathing.  This effectively keeps your bathroom from mildew and mold by excessing moisture.

It is featured with Ready-Select electronic controls to read out the level of humidity in the bathroom. In the low-temperature operation (about 41 degrees), this product can save your energy cost. Get this superb product by spending $152.99 at Amazon.

Midea 30-Pint ‘Energy Star’White Dehumidifier

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The second one, it has been certified by the Energy Star that ensures its energy efficiency. The features include digital LED readout, 2 fan speeds, check filter indicator, auto restart and 24-hour on/off timer.

The Midea Energy Star dehumidifier eliminates 30 pints of moisture per day in the air it’s able to continue the operation if you place it next to the compatible drain. The product is offered at $119.00 that you can buy at Walmart.

Eva-dry EDV-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

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This dehumidifier comes with the Peltier Technology that makes it run effectively. The Eva-dry dehumidifier is a popular product that removes the excessive moisture in your bathroom very well. This one is best used in small to mid-sized bathroom space.

This product can eliminate the major moisture, mold and mildew and the musty odor in your bathroom. It turns off automatically when the bucket contains the water in full capacity. Just spend your money for $45.99 at Amazon, you can get this useful product.

Homasy Portable Mini Dehumidifier

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This Homasy dehumidifier is a perfect home appliance that can protect your bathroom from mildew and mold. This product is equipped with only one power on/off button that allows you to use the device easily. With Peltier technology, it completely eliminates up to 8 oz of water per day.

The tank can contain the water about 16.9 oz that perfect to place in your bathroom. It is also featured with the whisper quiet, electric compact powerful, and auto humidistat air dryer that supports the performance of this dehumidifier. You can get this terrific product at $51.99 at Walmart.

Premium Dehumidifier

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The last best dehumidifier for bathroom on our list comes with the sleek and portable style. It totally keeps your bathroom free from moisture for all year round. It is one of the dehumidifiers to take care of your bathroom from irritating allergens such as mold, dust mites and mildew.

With the transparent water tank, it makes you easy to empty it when the water is full. You have to use it regularly for the best result. The product is sold at $69.99 that you can buy at Amazon.

Well, those are some best dehumidifier for bathroom with their own best rating in each marketplace. They are so helpful to keep your bathroom from the excessive moisture coming from the air.

What is your choice? Make sure to choose one based on your bathroom size. Perhaps, the small dehumidifier is more effective than the big one which can be carried out to the other rooms at your convenient.

The Considerations in Choosing the Dehumidifier

Well then, here we have some tips to choose which of the best dehumidifier products in the market to place in your bathroom.

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  1. Features

    The first consideration, you have to check the features of the product before you buy it. There are hundreds of dehumidifiers with the great features for a user-friendly experience. The features that you can look for including the auto off, tank full indicator, built-in humidistat, continuous drainage and a built-in hygrometer. If the dehumidifier comes with all those features, you are certainly in the right option.

  2. Electric Consumption

    This is also a very important consideration for you. The electric consumption of the features must be in accordance with the electric power available at your home. Don’t let the product causes you to pay more energy cost. Choose the one with Energy Star Certificate and smaller electric consumption.

  3. Noise

    You definitely need a quiet space to enjoy the warm bathing. Therefore, you have to choose the dehumidifier at a minimum noise level as low as possible.

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The Tips in Choosing the Dehumidifier Capacity for Your Bathroom

Before you determine to purchase the dehumidifier, the first thing you have to consider is the size of your bathroom. Generally, the size of a bathroom in the most houses is smaller that the other rooms. The bathroom is constructed from 300 ft. to 500 ft. in a square.

If your bathroom is a little medium size and moist condition, you must buy the dehumidifier with a capacity of fewer than 15 pints. Meanwhile, if your bathroom is very damp with 80% humidity level, you should use the dehumidifier up to 25 pints. For 500+ feet bathroom, you have to choose the stronger dehumidifier with a capacity up to 30 pints.

Why You Have to Choose the Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier provides the benefits to control the humidity in your bathroom. There is some reason why you must choose the dehumidifier for your bathroom. Firstly, this device is more effective than the other usual methods like the exhaust fan, box fan or open door.

By using the dehumidifier, you can totally control the ideal humidity level in your bathroom. It is the best solution to remove the excess moisture in the air quickly.

Finally, it is very important to maintain the bathroom with a perfect dehumidifier to save your money. It totally ensures the bathroom in a good and healthy condition. Hence, it is the best way to invest a fraction of your money now.

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