Dehumidifier for Bedroom | DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier Review

Humidity levels always become one important factor that determines the air quality. A high humidity level in the bedroom will allow mold and mildew to grow up from spores. Then, it will drastically handicap your sleep quality and moreover, your health.

In this case, you need a powerful yet efficient dehumidifier that can maintain the optimal humidity levels. Here, we will give you a review of one of the most recommended dehumidifier products in the market, DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier.

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DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier Review

DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier
Credit: Amazon

Do you want a dependable dehumidifier that works well in cool areas? This DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier might be the best answer. It works well in low temperature as low as 41◦Fahrenheit with its automatic defrost feature that prevents water in the device from freezing.

In the same time, it has a specialty that will ensure you to buy it, a special pump that has an automatic self-draining option. Just put on any type of hose to the unit, and flow it to the sink and or water basin. Then just let the water pump works.

However, on the other hand, it doesn’t have an automatic shut-off and restarts as equipped in its competitor, Frigidaire 70-pints Dehumidifier. Quite a great loss, but still worth-to-buy as it comes with the patented pump.


DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier
Credit: Amazon

The DeLonghi DD50P dehumidifier features a digital display panel that controls the entire unit. On it, you can use the humidistat to set the desired level of humidity. This dehumidifier indeed does not have an automatic restart and shut-off feature, but it does have a timer.

In other words, it won’t automatically turn back on if your electrical power goes out and vice versa. You can set the timer, and it will turn the machine off after that set amount of time. In this case, it is quite a great loss for a powerful bedroom dehumidifier like this DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier.

DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier
Credit: Amazon

The best features of DeLonghi 50-pint dehumidifier, a patented pump that will continuously discharge moisture without constantly emptying the bucket. In addition, it can pump the water upward, so you can dehumidify the basement and drain it out via a window or into a sink up to 16 feet with the provided hose.

DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier
Credit: Amazon

Meanwhile, if you decide not to use the patented pump, you will be busy as it has an only 6-liter capacity tank. Although it has a readable water level window and full tank alert, you will change the tank too often, especially in a humid climate.

In addition, you can easily adjust relative humidity, set the 24-hour timer, and monitor room temperature with the electronic controls and LCD display.

Energy Efficiency

While another product competitor consumes at least 750 watts energy, this product only consumes 675 watts when operates. It means this product is one of the most energy efficient compared with others in its class. Perhaps the absence of automatic restart and shut-off feature reduces the power consumption of this product.

Low Noise Operation

This product is working in 54.7 dB noise, you still can hear it hums when if you are near the unit. Maybe, the patented pump contributes to its noise. After all, it doesn’t make too much noise when you operate it without the pump. It makes one of the most silent dehumidifiers you can choose for your bedroom.


You can buy this product by spending $246, one of the lowest price from its competitor. Overall, it is quite worth to buy based on its merely quite complete feature. The patented pump always be the important factor that makes you want to buy this dehumidifier. You can’t find it on another dehumidifier product. But, the absence of it automatic restart and shut off feature is quite hampering this product integrity. In this case, if you need a dependable dehumidifier that can operate in the lower ground such as the basement, this product is the best. but if you rely on the automatic restart and shut down, you can’t choose this.


Despite its automatic features absent, this DeLonghi 50-pints Dehumidifier is still a worth-to-buy product. Thanks to its patented pump that becomes differentiator with another dehumidifier product. You won’t be bothered by the daily bucket hassle anymore, especially in the lower ground dehumidifying job. Meanwhile, the absence of automatic mode and the particular integrated circuit that will save your setting is quite a big weakness. Thus, if you love the patented pump than its auto mode, this product is a worth-to-buy for you.

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