10 Inexpensive Ways to Create Luxurious and Expensive Bedroom Look

What makes a bedroom look luxurious and expensive? Some will answer it is the expensive bed and furniture. Some else will say that it is the accessories and expensive bedroom entertainment.

All of those answers are not wrong, but it is not entirely true anyway. There are many factors that can influence the bedroom’s overall design to look either expensive or inexpensive.

For a luxurious and expensive bedroom look, it is not necessarily determined by a premium or expensive hardware. The key is a good layout management and, of course, your creativity. Even a simple and inexpensive change can lift up the bedroom look drastically. In order to enhance the look of your bedroom to be luxurious and expensive one, you can follow these simple and inexpensive steps.

In order to enhance the look of your bedroom to be the luxurious and expensive one, you can follow these simple and inexpensive steps.

Expensive Bedroom Guides and Tips

Luxurious and Elegant Color Combination

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: ElleDecor

The basic step to lift up the bedroom look is changing the color combination. There are many color combinations that you can try in order to make expensive bedroom look. Luxurious metallic color such as gold, silver, and bronze can be opulent accents you can add to your bedroom. Use it for textures and shades playing for the bedroom.

Use the combination for textures and shades playing for the bedroom. You can apply it for wallpaper, accessories, or lighting. Combine it with serene and calm color for basic color on the wall such as gray, off white, or beige.

Meanwhile, you can add an elegant touch with black as the accent or basic. But, remember when you use black as the basic color on the wall, you have to mind about the lighting.


Specifically, there are some color combinations that are very effective in order to create such an expensive bedroom look. Black and gold color combination works well for luxury in your bedroom. Silver and white or light gray will give more serene and cooler impression. Meanwhile, lighter hues from primer color such as pink, light blue, beige will soften the bedroom look.

Chandelier for Lighting Fixtures

Update the bedroom lighting fixtures from a simple light bulb into an elegant and classic chandelier. It will give a dim light that will dramatize the look of your bedroom in the night.

Besides, with the sophisticated and elegant look, it will be an opulent accessory for your bedroom. How about the price? Don’t worry there are many option inexpensive bedroom chandelier that can be an elegant addition to your bedroom.

Tidy Up Your Nightstand

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: HGTV

As many of us, our nightstand always becomes the favorite place to put our bed essential items.  Charging cords, a glass of water, forgotten pins, reading book, and many others little always be found on top of the nightstand. It makes the nightstand look become too messy and undisputedly decrease the elegance of bedroom overall look.

Now it’s the time to tidy up your nightstand, rethink about how all the mess is going to be. You can hide it in the drawers anyway. In addition, don’t forget to clean up temporary stuff on your nightstand such as a glass of water, reading book, perfume bottle, etc right after it is not in use. A repainted beautiful tray can be such an elegant solution to do that.

Keep It Simple and Minimalist

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: Decoist

As we said before, an expensive look is not always about expensive furniture. Even simplistic furniture will look way more expensive than a luxurious and sophisticated one. The key is keeping the focus on the focal point your bedroom.

Don’t make it get distracted by too much furniture that will obscure the statement of the bedroom look. The bed is always the focal point of a bedroom, so focus your work on your bed look.

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Elegant and simplistic bedding set is a nice addition for your bed, give a blanket statement to amplify the luxury. A faux fur blanket is a great addition to make expensive bedroom look.

Clean Up the Floor

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: IKEA

The next simple thing to do is cleaning up the floor. As we know, a messy and cluttered bedroom is never ever being luxurious. Even if there are many expensive accessories inside, it will be just a glamorous mess.

Clean up your floor from any mess such as extension cords, stacks of books, etc. Then, keep it away from any other clutter for the next time. Additionally, you can add a simple small rug to give warmth and comfortable feels for your feet.

Retouch and Refurbish Your Furniture

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: DIYNetwork

Changing the furniture is always the best idea to lift up the bedroom appearance. But, what we mean by the word “changing” is not always you have to completely buy a new one. Buying a new one is always nice and instant, but it will drain out your wallet.

On the other hand, why don’t you just retouch and refurnish it with some simple steps? Changing drawer pulls and knobs with a brand new elegant one will be cheaper and simpler ways. Similarly, it will have the same impact as if completely buying a new one. Faux crystal, glass, gemstone, bronze, or copper can be a glamorous accent for your furniture.

In the same way, repainting and refurnishing your bedroom furniture will drastically change the look of your bedroom. Paint it with glossy paint finish for grandeur impression.

If you are into the contemporary and modern look, you can try matte paint for your furniture. Choose the color that will match with your bedroom decoration. A simple white or black will be a safe option if you are confused.

Tidy Up Your Vanity

As with the nightstand, your vanity is always becoming the center of the mess in your bedroom. It won’t make your bedroom look expensive at all. Outdated make-ups, unused lipstick, empty cream tubes, broken makeup brushes, or empty perfume bottles are always found in the vanity.

It’s time to clean up the mess and throw it all away from the bedroom. For your daily makeup, you can organize it with makeup stackable chest organizer. Meanwhile, you can hide the rest in vanity drawers to keep the tops stay clean and tidy.

Natural Touch for a More Expensive Bedroom Look

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: BHG

Greenery is always the easiest way to bring an expensive bedroom look as well as golden accessories. A large fern on the corner of the bedroom or small potted exotic plants on the dresser will be a pleasant addition for the bedroom.

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: BHG

If you like the flower, you can add a bucket of rose or any other exotic flower in your bedroom. It helps to create a more romantic bedroom atmosphere and sweeten the overall bedroom looks.

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: BHG

Meanwhile, some scented flower can be your choices, such as tuberose, jasmine, or rose will give a pleasant smell for your bedroom. For a cheaper option, you can add some fake plant that is made from natural material, it is maintenance-free and will last longer than the original one.

Crown Moldings Work for Bedroom

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: Zillow

Surely, the crown moldings always bring the feel of luxury and elegance in any home element. Back in the ancient Greek, the crown molding pattern had been decorating buildings and temples for thousand years. It can be found on granite and marble carving in many ancient Greek and Roman-related buildings debris.

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: Zillow

At the present day, crown molding comes in lighter, cheaper materials and easy-to-apply shapes. But, the function is still the same, adding elegance and luxury by decorating ceiling, door frame, furniture, and many others.

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: Zillow

In order to bring the impression of luxurious and expensive bedroom look, you can apply crown molding in the ceiling, the door frame, etc. The cost is very cheap and you can apply it in very easy step. It will cost as much as $1.50 to $45 per foot.

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There are tons of profiles options you can choose to bring the touch of elegance in your bedroom. In addition, you can paint it matches with the wall paint, stain, or just left it natural.

Raised Curtain and Drapes

Credit: Zillow

For a small bedroom, you can add the nuance of luxury and spaciousness by raising the curtains up high. It will make a spacious and elegant impression for any bedroom instantly. Mount the curtain rod just an inch or two below the ceiling line, and let the drapes hang to the floor.

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: Zillow

On the other hand, the raised curtain dan drapes in a bigger bedroom will create a glorious and opulent look. But, you have to mind about the ceiling height, if it is too low you can’t follow this suggestion.

Expensive Bedroom

Credit: Wayfair

In addition, if you have a canopied bed, you can just add thin silky drapes to decorate your bed. Making it looks more romantic in an expensive way.

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