Free Standing Patio Cover Kits with Easy DIY Installation

Having your patio covered is an important thing to do. Besides making you feel for comfortable to spend a long time enjoying the summer air in your outdoor living space, it also will protect all the furniture and accessories that you place on your patio.

A  patio cover will always make your outdoor space feel more inviting. You can hold a joyful dinner or BBQ party with your friends and family without worrying the severe UV rays or rain water. As for the outdoor furniture and accessories, their durability won’t get tested too much because they are protected from harmful elements.

There are several types of patio cover, and based on its installation types, you can choose the mounted or the free standing one. The attached patio cover is the one which is mounted to the house’s wall, Both of them are mostly sold in kits nowadays, which can be assembled by yourself, with a little help from a friend obviously.

If you have a patio which is separated from your home, the free standing patio cover is your best choice. Besides, it offers the better comfortability to your patio in which you can enjoy the surrounding without any limit with the relaxing air and natural sunlight. As a bonus, you can use the free standing patio cover as a carport, when all your patio furniture and accessories are stored in the basement.

As told before that today patio cover is commonly sold in kits, here we have two free standing patio cover kits from Pergola Kit USA which you may be interested installing in your backyard.

Free Standing Patio Cover Kit

Santa Fe Redwood Pergola Kit (Price: $5,920)

This is a stylish free standing pergola which will give a stunning look to your outdoor living space. The curvy roof design is so gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing. The handmade pergola is professionally built to provide you a comfortable relaxing time. It is so easy to assemble without any sawing or drilling.

free standing patio cover
credit: Pergola Kit USA

The kit includes:

  1. 4 Posts
  2. 4 Dual Support Beams
  3. Arched Rafters (quantity depending on the size)
  4. Roof Slats (quantity depending on the size)
  5. 4 Main Knee Braces
  6. 4 Secondary Knee Braces
  7. 4 Trimm Pieces (for the bottom of the posts)
  8. Bolts and Deck Screws (quantity depending on the size)
  9. 1 Ceiling Fan Base (optional)


Del Mar Redwood Pergola Kit (Price: $5,920)

You can call it a pergola or pavilion! With its solid roof, this free standing patio cover is a great protector for your outdoor living space. the design looks so classic and will just amaze everyone which comes to your patio.

free standing patio cover 2
credit: Pergola Kit USA

The kit includes:

  1. 4 Posts
  2. 4 Main Knee Braces
  3. 4 Secondary Knee Braces
  4. 4 Dual Support Beams
  5. Rafters (quantity depending on the size)
  6. Roof Panels (quantity depending on the size)
  7. 4 Trimm Pieces (for the bottom of the posts)
  8. Bolts and Deck Screws (quantity depending on the size)
  9. 2 Anchors (optional)
  10. 1 Ceiling Fan Base (optional)

You can choose the proper pergola size wich matches perfectly with your patio by choosing the size list available on their sites. If you prefer the smoother patio cover which is easier to install, the Santa Fe Redwood is the best one, while the Casablanca-like designed Del Mar Redwood is a more classic patio cover with the sturdy structure.

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