Glass Balustrades: Everything You Need To Know About Them

A balustrade is simply a barrier that prevents people and often animals from getting past. They are generally held in position with supporting posts that ensure the barrier remains strong, even if someone falls against them.

Image by Viktor Birkus from Pixabay

A balustrade can be made from almost anything, including glass, wood, concrete, and even metal. You can fashion your own balustrade or invest in some of the best high-quality glass balustrades Sydney. The key thing is to know what they are and what they offer.

What Are Glass Balustrades?

In essence, they are simply a piece of glass that protects you. Glass balustrades can be positioned o raised platforms and the edge of stairs to stop people from falling off and injuring themselves. They are also used around swimming pools to prevent people from running into the pool by accident.

It should be noted that, although a glass balustrade is made of glass, it is not standard glass. Balustrades are designed from toughened glass that doesn’t break easily when you throw yourself at it. In fact, the glass used must be designed to shatter if it does break. This creates thousands of tiny pieces and reduces the risk of serious injury.

Of course, the fact that there is no record of injury due to frameless glass balustrades breaking proves the glass is unlikely to shatter. In short, they are a great investment for around your stairs, balcony, pool, or anywhere else you can think of.

Advantages Of Glass

There are several material options but glass has a distinct advantage.

  • Maintains Visibility

If you have ever stopped to look out of a window to admire the view then you’ll realize how important maintaining the view is. This is where glass excels. It offers the safety and protection you need from a balustrade without detracting from the views.

  • Adds Light

The fact that glass is clear means light can pass through it. This is particularly advantageous if you have used it on stairs or the balcony has the potential to block light to other rooms in the house. Having as much light as possible in your house will make it seem larger, brighter, and more welcoming!

Glass balustrades allow you to maximize the available light and transform your home, without having to do lots of other work.

  • Stops Wind

Many balustrades are designed to block the wind and even the noise, allowing you to enjoy the space. Glass balustrades are thick, making them an excellent choice to block wind without losing any of the important features, such as the view.

  • Little Maintenance Required

Glass balustrades need to be cleaned periodically to remove fingerprints and other debris. However, there is nothing else you need to do to keep your glass balustrade looking great and protecting you properly. That’s useful when time is already limited.

Don’t forget, glass is made from sand and is recyclable, which makes the glass balustrade an environmentally friendly option as well as a material that will last for years.

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