What You Need to Know About PVC Fence | Tips and Review

Having a beautiful backyard is like a dream for every homeowner. Relaxing your body and soul after dealing with the rough day on the outdoor patio is so exhilarating. Some choose to add water garden or fish pond to make the backyard more enjoyable.

A fence is a backyard add-on which should be installed to ensure the security and privacy of the homeowner. Today, you will find numbers of backyard fences style with various features. Choosing the right one which is qualified with your requirement can be such a challenging step before purchasing one.

If you are about to change your old backyard’s fence or about to add the new one, consider choosing the PVC fence. It is a popular option as the substitution of wood. This type of fence becomes adored by many homeowners mainly because of its durability and affordability. Vinyl fence is available in various designs to match with any backyard’s style.


pvc fence
credit: Allison Fence Company

To make you know more about the PVC fence, below are the advantages that you will get from this versatile fence:

  • Durability – Polyvinyl chloride fence is 5 times more durable the than the wood fence. It can be used under severe weather circumstances without any worry. The vinyl fence will not experience fungus, rot, blister or peel, so you can safely use it over the years.
  • Easy Maintenance – If wood fence surely needs extra maintenance where you should repaint or refinish it regularly, the vinyl fence won’t need that. It is so easy to maintain, the color lasts for years and you will easily clean the fence with a help from a hose or spray. This is so beneficial to save your time and maintenance cost.
  • Design – Since PVC fence is the best replacement of wood, the appearance truly matches beautifully with the backyard’s surrounding. With the large variety of different styles, you can choose the right one to match with your outdoor space design.
  • Versatility – Due to its sturdiness, PVC fence is more flexible to use in the areas with extreme weather conditions. It doesn’t matter whether you live in seaside location or a windy area, the vinyl fence will remain beautiful.
  • Affordability – Besides its low-cost maintenance, vinyl fence is also more affordable to buy than wood or iron fence.
  • Easy Installation – Call it a DIY fence, because you don’t need any professionals to install the vinyl fence. You will easily do the job by yourself, so you won’t need to hire anyone.
  • Better Privacy – Since one of the main functions of a backyard’s fence is to provide you good privacy, PVC panel is a great choice. While iron or aluminum fence doesn’t give you complete privacy, vinyl fence ensures you the enclosed space.

Those benefits of PVC vinyl must have ensured you to buy a new one. Here we have one recommended product for you which is the Freedom Ready-to-Assemble Bolton Saddle Privacy Fence Panel. It has been satisfied many homeowners, and really worth to buy.


PVC Fence Review


pvc fence reviews
credit: Lowes


The classic design of this vinyl fence is so gorgeous and offers the excellence privacy for you. Its wood like style matches perfectly to beautify your backyard. The dimension is 6 feet x 8 feet.


This is a strong artificial wood fence which many customers have proven its reliability to face severe weather conditions. At the same time, you will not spend money for painting, staining, or other treatments for years.


The installation is very easy, those who have purchased this product prefer to install it by themselves without hiring any professionals. But if you choose to use the installation service, it will not cost as much as installing the wood or iron fence. The steps just include measuring the area to install the fence, dig and secure the holes, and assemble the fence.


At Lowes, this freedom’s fence is sold at $246.07, such a reasonable price to get a gorgeous and high-quality PVC fence.


pvc fence lowes
credit: Lowes
Dimensions 5.84′ x 7.57′
Weight 43 pounds
Material Polyvinyl Chloride
Finish Woodgrain
Color Saddle


Overall, this product is really worth to buy as your backyard’s security or to replace your old wood or iron fence. The design looks very great to beautify your outdoor space, and the installation is a child’s play. It is really one of the recommended PVC fences if you are about to purchase one.

Choosing vinyl fence is always a great idea for you. Always make sure that the fence offers great security and durability besides its designs. One more important thing in purchasing the vinyl fence is about the warranties, do some researches and ask about the case.

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