Home Hacks: 5 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

Almost everyone spends most of the time they’re home in their bedroom, and the lockdowns from the last two years have had us spending more time in there than ever. Everyone knows how ourbedrooms can get messy quite often, but for some people the mess just never seems to end no matter how much time they spend cleaning it.

If this sounds like something you struggle with, it could be a problem with the way your room is organized and the way you manage space more than it is a problem with your room being messy. A little bit of reorganization and some changes in your bedroom can solve this problem, so keep reading to find out how you would do that.

Change Your Bed Frame

If you feel like there’s a shortage of storage space, you need to find it in places where there usually isn’t any. You can store a lot of stuff under the bed without giving up any more space to your things. Getting a bed frame with built in storage or simply putting stuff in boxes and storing it under your bed can clear up a lot of room in your bedroom for you.

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While you may not be able to find a bed frame with built in storage that also meets all of your other needs, good news is that storing things under your bed works for pretty much any kind of bed, like adjustable beds, single beds, or king sized ones.

Use Corner Space

The corners in your bedroom are often left untouched, but you can really get some use out of those nooks with the help of some corner shelves or by making it a place where you hang your clothes. You can even set up a little full length mirror there with all your makeup and jewelry on hanging shelves.

This way you’ll be able to save a lot of room where the dressing table usually is.

Under the Ceiling

The one foot of space under your ceiling is prime real estate that shouldn’t be ignored. If you want to keep some stuff that you barely use out of sight, this is your best bet. Floating ceilings in this area will be able to hold your books, boxes full of stuff you don’t use a lot, and so much more.

Have a Laundry Basket and Trashcan

Most of the mess in our bed is from distry clothes, discarded water bottles, and sometimes even the packaging for the snacks we ate while watching a movie. If you have a place to put all these things, your room will look a lot cleaner than it originally does.

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Don’t forget to clean up both these things regularly, otherwise there’s no point in getting them. Not to mention how even they can only hold so much stuff, and you might end up with a mess that’s bigger than what both these baskets can hold.

Hang the Landry Basket Behind the Door

If you have a shortage of space in your room, get a clothe’s hamper to hang behind your bedroom door for your dirty landry. Not only will it be out of sight but it also won’t take up too much space. As for the trash can, you can store that under your bed until you need it.

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