How Do You Properly Clean a Toilet?

Cleaning the toilet is nobody’s favorite chore, whether they live alone or with family or roommates. Except for television commercials, you might never see a person smiling or beaming with a toilet brush in their hands.

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How Do You Properly Clean a Toilet?

However, cleaning your toilet is one of the most critical chores that you need to perform regularly, and while most people do it regularly, most of them do it wrong.

This is why we are here to help. This article is designed to guide you on how to clean your toilet properly, so that you don’t just stock up with the top products and think that you have done everything that was needed for the job.

1.  Gather Everything You Need

The process begins with gathering all the supplies and equipment you will need for the task at hand. Moreover, it involves removing everything around and on the toilet and the tank lid. Otherwise, you might drop something into the toilet and have to clean that as well. Once your cleaning area is clear of any items, you can start gathering supplies.

Typically, you need a pair of rubber gloves, toilet brush, toilet cleaner, all-purpose spray cleaner, and paper towels or cleaning cloths. It will also help if you have some form of eye protection since toilet cleaning solutions have chemicals that might make your eyes watery. The best thing to do is look for septic-safe toilet cleaners, so they aren’t harmful to your health.

2.  Flush and Pour Toilet Cleaner

Wear gloves and eyewear before you do anything else. Next, put the lid down and flush the toilet so that you don’t get sprayed on. Grab the bottle of toilet cleaner you have bought, and pour it into the toilet bowl, spreading it around the rim so that the entire bowl is covered. By applying it this way, you can also prevent the solution from becoming diluted due to the moisture in the bowl.

3.  Clean the Toilet’s Exterior

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While the toilet cleaner solution does its job, grab your all-purpose cleaner or bathroom cleaner and apply it to the outside of the toilet, including the tank, handle, and edges. Ideally, you should spray the tank first, so the dripping liquid can reach the lower areas. Make sure to spray the inside and outside of the toilet lid as well, since it also gets dirty due to splatters and sprays.

Let the solution sit for a couple of seconds, and then wipe everything, starting from the top again. At this point, you might have to mop the floor around the toilet since it might be dirty, and some of the cleaning solutions might have trickled down to it.

4.  Clean the Toilet Seat

Now, we come to the most important part: cleaning the toilet seat. It is the one part of a toilet that your body comes in contact with, which is why it needs thorough and regular cleaning. While it may not be the case with home toilets, most toilet seats have high amounts of germs, mold, or yeast on them, making them highly harmful to your health.

Grab your all-purpose cleaner and spray it all over the seat, as well as beneath it. While you are at it, you can also spray it on the toilet rim and the place where the seat is attached to the toilet. Leave the solution for a few minutes, and then wipe it down with clean paper towels or a cloth. Make sure to clean around the hinges so that there is no residue from the solution. After cleaning, you can wet a cloth with clean water and wipe the sweat and rim with it to clean any remaining solution.

5.   Clean the Toilet Bowl from the Inside

Now is the time for you to close the lid and flush the toilet so that the toilet cleaning solution is washed away. This would take care of most of the dirt, grime, and bacteria present inside it. However, this doesn’t take care of the entire cleaning, which is why you need to use a scrub that has been made specifically to clean the insides of toilets. Start by scrubbing under the toilet rim, and make your way to the drain hole.

Once you have scrubbed the entire toilet bowl, close the lid and flush the toilet. If you notice any rust or mineral stains on the inside, you can use baking soda to clean the bowl. Alternatively, you can use a rust removal solution. Some people have poured a can of cola into the toilet and scrubbed it with a brush. After flushing, any residue can be washed away with vinegar.


This concludes our guide on how to properly clean a toilet. By following the instructions we have mentioned above, you can easily keep your toilet clean and not have to worry about unhygienic conditions or any health issues.

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