How Much to Convert Electric Stove to Gas?

Are your electric stove is not working properly? Or does the Electricity bill soar up? So you might be thinking of converting your electric stove to a gas stove without buying a new one.

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But wondering how much does it cost to do the task? And how to do that?

If it sounds like you, you are in the right place.

Only by changing a few things, , such as a cookware set for gas stoves you can do it easily. But first, know why you’d do it.

Why Should You Convert Your Electric Stove to Gas?

There are many reasons you will find why you should convert your electric stove to gas. Here we’re presenting the top three reasons why you might feel the need of converting your stove:

Better Temperature Control

One of the main reasons for conversion is better temperature control offered by the gas stoves. Gas stoves provide you with an advanced temperature consistency that helps make your food perfectly cooked every time.

Besides, you can make gas ranges higher and lower when necessary. However, in an electric stove, you can never do this.

As a result, you can fry food within a short time. 

Also, there are temperature control knobs. So you know how much heat they provide, which is impossible with an electric stove.

Lower Utility Cost

Another significant benefit of converting is that using a gas stove requires less utility cost than an electric stove. Generally, bills or costs for gas ranges do not get higher so fast, at least not seasonally.

On the other hand, the electricity bill rate can get higher, especially in the summer seasons. And it will gradually raise your utility cost. That’s why it is wise to use gas stoves instead of electric stoves.

Faster Cooling Time

Finally, your gas stove contains a faster cooling advantage than an electric stove. Not only cooling but the gas stove also gets heated very fast. You can get as much heat as you need by igniting the gas ranges. On the contrary, electric stoves take more time to heat.

Moreover, your electric gas stove will not cool as fast as your gas stove. Consequently, your air conditioner needs to fight hard to make your electric stove cool. Using gas stoves is more compatible here.

How Much to Convert Electric Stove to Gas 

You already know how advantageous it is to convert an electric stove to gas. Now let’s discuss the budget you need for this conversion.

Generally, the corresponding cost for converting an electric stove to a gas stove ranges between $125 and $2,000. However, several factors related to this conversion might affect or make your cost ups and downs. 

To convert the electric stove to gas, you must need an expert to fix it skillfully. Also, an electrician you will need so that you can convert and adjust your socket voltage.

You have to fix your 240 volts socket into 110 volts. Moreover, you might need to buy gas appliances for the new connection. Overall, you have to make up a budget including all these expenses related to the conversion.

Can You Convert Gas Stoves to Electric Stoves Back?

Yes, you can. If you feel that you are not doing smooth with your gas stove, you can return to your electric stove. Even this time, conversion is a bit easier than before.

To convert your gas stove back to an electric stove, you will need the previous connections, sockets that you used previously. This time, again, you need to hire an expert to fix your electric stove back in lieu of the gas stove. 

You might have to pay around $125 to $200 for converting back to your electric stove. Or even more, depending on the requirements.


So, now you probably have an idea about how much you will need to spend to convert your electric stove to gas and vice versa, right? Both electric and gas stoves contain several benefits to make your kitchen life smoother and smarter.

However, according to your need and budget, you can choose one stove and, if necessary, convert the existing stove to the new system as well. Happy cooking.

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