Tired of Mosquitoes in Your Yard? Here are 4 Tips to Get Rid of Them

Coexisting with mosquitoes is one of the most annoying and dangerous things. For centuries, these tiny creatures have been the bearers of several diseases. They are the primary vectors for different diseases like dengue, malaria, and yellow fever. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that more than 50 percent of today’s global population is at risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

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You must be pretty familiar with all these and also with the disturbance caused by mosquitoes. Therefore, choosing mosquito control measures is a must for most households. Houses with gardens, yards, or lawns often look for ways to control the insect. You need to find ways to get rid of them. So, in this article are five tips that have proven effective in keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Consult a mosquito control team in your city – Tip #1

The summer and monsoon months are the best time for mosquitoes to breed and expand. You might face an overwhelming surge of these flying insects all-around your house, especially after dusk. The best way you can control them is to get in touch with your city’s mosquito control companies. Such a company has trained experts who can professionally handle mosquitoes.

These companies deploy teams who reach your house and start the process. Here is what you should expect from them.

  • The team will inspect and evaluate your house and its surroundings.
  • They will search for potential nests and breeding grounds of mosquitoes.
  • They might suggest checking for stagnant water or foliage on small water bodies.
  • If the water body is the suspected source of the nest, they might use environment- and animal-friendly products to eliminate mosquitoes.
  • Some companies might use a mist blower on areas where the insect is most likely to rest.
  • Places in your lawn/garden/yard with trees and dense bushes will be treated with professional mosquito repellent products.
  • The team might also use granular chemicals across your garden to keep your house safe from insects.

Nevertheless, if the infestation is massive, you can expect them to detect sources of hideouts and apply pesticides directly.

Never let stagnant water gather around your house – Tip #2

Mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay off their breeding grounds. So, it is crucial to ensure that you do not have any resource in your yard that feels like a mosquito’s home. Take a look at some common tips that you can follow.

  • If you have birdbaths in your garden, consider changing the water daily.
  • Keep your potted plants indoors. If not possible, ensure that they don’t have any standing water in the saucers.
  • If you have junk and debris accumulated at the corner of your yard, consider cleaning them at once. It is essential to guarantee that water doesn’t start collecting in things you are completely unaware of during storms or rains.
  • If you have buckets or trash cans in the open, ensure they have a cover or lid. That will save them from collecting water during storms or rain.

Checking these yourself can curb breeding grounds. In a way, it will save your family from getting mosquito-borne diseases.

Keep your lawn mowed – Tip #3

A typical trait of mosquitoes is that they dislike being under direct sunlight. It dehydrates their bodies, and they shelter in shrubs, dense bushes, or tall grasses. So, in a way, if your yard has an unmowed lawn or dense bushes and shrubs, you are making way for these insects to rest.

So, you need to make sure that you periodically trim your lawn and keep a check on the growth of bushes. Especially the ones near your house should never be allowed to overgrow in size. Also, if you have them and are still unable to control the insects from entering your home, call the mosquito control team.

Use mosquito-repellent products – Tip #4

There are different products that repel mosquitoes from biting you. You can find mosquito repellent creams, sprays, bands, etc. Besides that, there are mosquito sprays that you can use for a focused area. These usually contain pesticides and natural scents that keep the insects at bay.

However, you must understand that these aerosol sprays might cause a health hazard for older people. Even people having respiratory problems might suffer from the smell of the chemicals.

Wrapping Up

While there are plenty of mosquito control tips, techniques, and DIYs on the internet, none provide a suitable solution. So, if you have a problem with these insects, the best solution is to get mosquito or pest control services. These companies have always dealt with these issues. And their teams have people who are qualified and certified in pest control. Hence, their techniques and processes to eradicate mosquitoes will be the best. Look for such companies around your place.

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