3 Easy Steps How to Add Baking Soda to Pool | Simple DIY Project

Swimming pool is undeniably the most favorite water feature that is always worth considering to complete the feature of your beloved home. It does a very good job to enhance the beauty and enjoyment that everyone will totally love it.

However, there are several things that you have to maintain once you have a swimming pool installed on your outdoor living space. Some maintenance steps are obligatory that can harm you and damage the pool itself. Therefore, you have to know – at least – the basic maintenance of a swimming pool.

For sure, you can always call some help from a pro to maintain your swimming pool which can be quite pricey. Therefore, you can do some steps to maintain the pool all by yourself since they’re quite easy to be done.

One of the maintenance which is so simple to do is balancing the alkalinity of the pool. The balance alkaline is very important to keep the water of the pool healthy. If the alkaline is too low, it can disrupt the balance of other substances which leads to the uncomfortable feeling of your pool water.

Lucky for you, you can use an easily available material to keep the alkalinity of your swimming pool which is baking soda. It’s a very inexpensive ingredient that can help to maintain the healthiness of your pool water.

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Below, we share a simple tutorial about how to add baking soda to pool to raise the level of its alkalinity.

How to Add Baking Soda to Pool

Though it sounds easy, you have to carefully measure the baking soda that you will use in order to get the proper level of alkalinity.

Check the Alkalinity Level

First thing first, let’s check the level of alkaline of your swimming pool before purchasing any baking soda. This step is to ensure whether you need to raise the level of alkalinity of your swimming pool or not.

Prepare this tool:

  • Pool water tester strip

Follow these steps:

  • Dip the tester strip into the pool.
  • Make sure that the alkalinity is around 110 to 150 ppm. If it’s lower, then you need to raise the alkalinity of your pool water.

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Measure the Amount

You may need a lot of baking soda, normally around 3 to 4 lbs which means that you can buy the ones which are sold in pouches.  The common measurement is that 1.5 of baking soda can raise around 10 ppm alkalinity of 10,000 gallons of water.

Follow these steps to find out the amount of baking soda that you need:

  • If you are not sure how much water your pool contains, you can contact your contractor.
  • See the result of the chemical of your pool water that appears on the strip.

Pour the Baking Soda

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You can directly add the baking soda to your swimming pool, but do not do this step if the day is too windy since the baking soda can go airborne.

  • Sprinkle the powder in arcs form across the pool and do not pour it in one spot.
  • Wait for about 6 hours to let the powder completely dissolve into your pool water. You can also turn on the circulation system to help the process.
  • Retest the level of alkalinity of your pool water.

So that is the tutorial about how to add baking soda to pool which is so easy to follow. You can do all the steps of yourself without spending an extra budget. Now, you don’t have to worry to maintain the level of alkalinity of your swimming pool since you can use an easily-available material.

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Adding baking soda to raise the alkalinity of a swimming pool can give you a lot of benefits, such as:

Preventing the growth of algae

If your swimming pool has an unbalanced alkalinity level, you will spot the green, yellow, and blue algae. The proper level of alkalinity will prevent this case to happen.

Helping superchlorination treatment

Commonly, the superchlorination treatment is used to fix the cloudy pool water. You can add baking soda to the pool water after this treatment to balance its chemical and substances.

Preventing the scale buildup

Once you balance the alkalinity level with the help of baking soda. You will hardly find the scale buildup around your swimming pool.

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