How to Attract Fireflies to Your Garden | DIY Gardening Tutorial

It’s definitely an exhilarating experience to watch your garden glow naturally every single night with the existence of the fireflies around. So it’s always a great idea to transform your outdoor living space into a firefly habitat.

How to Attract Fireflies to Your Garden

Not only provide you a natural entertainment experience, you can also help to provide those fireflies a cozy habitat which seems to get reduced from time to time. Luckily, you can create a fireflies habitat in your garden all by yourself.

Check out some steps that you can refer to in our simple tutorial on How to Attract Fireflies below.

How to Attract Fireflies to Your Garden

Let the high grass grow

Fireflies love to shelter around high grass and shrubbery so you need to grow these in your garden if you are planning to turn it into a firefly habitat. Plant tall grasses and shrubbery around the perimeter of your garden to attract the fireflies. Keep in mind to make the layout of the grass look wild.

Some of you might worry that ticks may also come around with the existence of tall grass around, so you just need to grow the grass on the outer perimeter of your exterior area.

Install some water features

During the mating season, fireflies love to fly around the streams in their natural habitat, so you can mimic this environment by installing some water features in your garden. Fireflies also love moisture in their daily life and water features will keep the moisture level around your exterior area.

You don’t have to install waterfalls or fountains if you are not willing enough to spend a lot to create a fireflies habitat, you can simply put some birdbaths around and fill them with shallow water.

Dim your garden

To let the fireflies glow every night, you need to turn off the lights on your porch. You need to let them glow when they need to in which to attract a mate and warn predators.

You will find that the fireflies glow mostly in the mating season. Male fireflies will send signals to let the females know where they are then the females will send the signals back to the males species.

If you let the outdoor light on every single night, fireflies may find your garden less appealing, especially during the mating season.

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Plant pine trees

You may find it hard to find fireflies in a wild environment, it’s because their natural habitats keep getting reduced from time to time. The construction sites are massively built which destroys their habitats.

Therefore, if you have a spacious garden, it would be great for you to plant native plant trees. Their thick canopies can help to dim the artificial light so the fireflies will find it inviting to come and even live around. The branches of the pine trees that fall to the ground are also good spots for the fireflies’ larvae to grow.

Pile those woods

Wood piles are good spots for some species of fireflies to lay eggs. Let some logs get piled under the trees in your garden to create a cozy habitat for the fireflies.

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