Making The Most Out Of Your Home’s Square Footage

If you could choose any type of home improvement to make in your house, what would it be? New accent wall? Modern kitchen? Knocking out a wall to create an open floor plan? Many homeowners have dreams of turning their space into a paradise for themselves or for the next owner of the home as they prepare to sell.

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Whatever your vision is, it can sometimes feel like the square footage of your home limits the amount of renovations you can do. You may not have the budget to put an addition on the house to create more space, which narrows the possibilities.

However, home improvements are entirely possible no matter the size of the property. The solution is learning how to efficiently use the available space. Fortunately, there are plenty of potential upgrades that you can implement that make good use of your home’s square footage.

Turn your wall space into storage

Something that is relatively easy to change is storage space. If you find that the available cabinets, countertops, and drawers are overflowing or creating clutter, you can install uniquely designed wall hooks and shelving units to hold your household items. You can do this in the kitchen with hooks for pots and pans, in the family room with shelves for books and dvds, or even in the bathroom to reduce the space used up by a medicine cabinet or clunky vanity. This will free up space in these rooms to make them feel more open, as well as making household items more accessible. As a bonus, it can also spruce up the look of a blank wall.

Mount your television on the wall

Entertainment centers take up a lot of room in living spaces, but what if there is a more efficient place for your television? Since most TVs are flatter and lighter in 2022, mounting them on the wall is a viable option for saving space, potentially allowing you to ditch that space-eating entertainment center. One popular trend is to mount a flatscreen television on the wall above the fireplace. It creates a real cozy feeling for the room and uses space very efficiently, since other furniture must be kept clear of fireplaces. Mounting your TV on the wall will help open up the room for you and your guests.

Install a space-efficient elevator

This type of upgrade is very helpful for residents with limited mobility. Most homeowners have never thought about the idea of a personal elevator in their house, especially with preconceived notions about the amount of space it will take up. But there are great options for small home elevators that are also energy efficient. Not only will this make a multi-story home more connected for everyone, it will also be a great selling point if you plan to put the house on the market. For anyone who struggles with going up and down the stairs, this feature saves them from exclusively looking at one-story homes during their search.

Think outside the box with hidden features

It can be a real treat having secret installments in your house. Maybe you can add some under-the-stairs storage that blends in with the wall. You could put in cool concepts like a pull-out tray table in the kitchen for extra dining space, or even a small desk that folds up against the wall when not in use. Kitchen cabinets are perfect for a sliding drawer that uses the space inside more efficiently while helping with organization. The Tiny Home movement has led to some really creative ways to use space that you could apply to your own home, wowing your guests and making the most of your square footage.

Lack of space is not a limit, but an opportunity

Some homeowners fall into the trap of thinking that less square footage means less potential for significant home improvement, but that is far from the truth. It really just means you have to be creative. Space-saving upgrades can make a small space feel more open, even if it is only an illusion. These methods can reduce the need for larger pieces of furniture, the true culprits of using up space.

Whether you are trying to turn your house into a more comfortable home for your family, or trying to increase the resale value in preparation for moving, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your home while preserving square footage. These concepts are a great jumping-off point, but there are so many ideas online, some of which are popular trends, and others that are extremely unconventional. No matter what your cup of tea is, the potential for improving your home is limited only by your imagination.

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