5 Considerations on How to Choose Bathroom Color on a Budget

Choosing a color scheme for your home is indeed a complicated job to do. Each shade should create a gorgeous overall look and a comfortable atmosphere at the same time.

how to choose bathroom color

Bathroom is no exception, in fact, it can be a part of the house which is kinda most difficult to decorate. You can simply make it just another room to support your daily activities, but turning it into an inviting oasis is not a bad idea at all. 

Just like the other parts of your living space, you need to consider some thoughts before you go with one or two colors to decorate your bathroom. Those attractive colors may look so attempting so you may find it confusing to pick the right one.

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Whether you’re planning to remodel your existing bathroom or building a new one, the tutorial on how to choose bathroom color below will help you to narrow down those tempting options.

How to Choose Bathroom Color

Choosing the right color for your bathroom may be confusing, but it’s not only that. Painting a bathroom can also cost you a lot, around $200 to $3,000 if you need to hire someone. 

That being said, it’s so important to pick the right color for your bathroom or you may end up wasting a lot.

The size of the room

how to choose bathroom color 1

Most of the time, the bathroom is not the one that needs huge dimensions. If you happen to have a tiny one, consider choosing neutral shades to colorize the four sides of the wall like white or grey to create a wider impression and airy atmosphere. Then, you can choose a darker shade for the ceiling

Flooring color

how to choose bathroom color 2

To create a harmonious overall look, keep in mind to choose the color of the flooring that beautifully complements the walls. You don’t always have to match the color of both elements. It would be easier if you go with neutral shades for the walls as mentioned above. You will have wider options of flooring since white and gray are considered easier to complement other shades.


how to choose bathroom color 3

This one is considered odd but actually as important as other factors. You may find that each shade actually looks different, depending on how the light hits them. In other words, we’re talking about whether you have a bathroom with huge windows that lets ample natural light in or you need several lighting fixtures to brighten it up. If you have a chance, check how the shades that you already have in mind look like under the sun and lighting fixtures.

Overall palette

how to choose bathroom color 4

Besides the flooring, you also need to consider the colors of the focal points of the room. It’s about how those cabinets, bathtubs, sinks, and other fixtures can create a beautifully harmonious overall look.

Consider these options

how to choose bathroom color 5

There are some popular options that you can consider to colorize your bathroom like white, grey sage, beige, and powder blue. To complement those neutral shades, navy, emerald, and turquoise are worth to consider.

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