Bedroom 101: How to Choose Best Mattress in 5 Quick Steps

Looking for some new mattresses can be quite challenging. It’s not a small investment which means you have to choose the one that provides great comfort and lasts for years.

How to Choose Best Mattress

No worries, in this article we have compiled some steps that you can take to choose the best mattress. Just keep scrolling to check out our guide on How to Choose Best Mattress below.

How to Choose Best Mattress

How to Choose Best Mattress 1

Do You Actually Need a New One?

Well, before we even start looking for a new mattress, let’s consider whether you actually need a new one or not. Remember, buying a mattress is such a big investment especially if you need the high-quality one.

The ideal time to change your mattress is when it has been used for around seven or eight years. But, when you already feel neck or back pain, consider replacing it with a new one.

Calculate your Budget

The first step – once you have decided to buy a new one – is to refer to the available budget that you’re willing to spend to buy the mattress. You can easily set the price range that suits you best from the online shops that suit your budget.

The cheap mattress doesn’t always mean the bad ones, but you cannot always sacrifice the quality for the price. Here’s what you can consider, if you’d like to purchase a Queen bed, the ones which are offered around $1,000 mostly have a good quality while the King ones with around $1,500 price tags are always worth buying.

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Choose the Type

The next step to even narrow down your choice is to determine what type of mattress that you actually need. There are three most popular materials when it comes to mattresses which are memory foam, innerspring and hybrid.

To pick the right material that suits you best, you need to do some research to find out the plus and minus points of each material. In general, the materials that build up the mattress will determine the comfort, durability, and price,

Determine the Firmness

The firmness of the bed is an important factor to provide you maximum comfort every single night. To determine this, refer to your most favorite sleeping position.

  • Back – The firmness level for you who love to sleep on your back is 5 to 7 out of ten.
  • Side – Prefer to sleep on your sides? The firmness level that suits you best is 3 to 6 out of ten.
  • Stomach – For you who mostly sleep on your stomach, the firmness level of 5 0 7 out of ten is highly recommended.

Consider your Weight

Just like the sleeping position, your weight can also become the reference to determine the firmness of your mattress. Here’s what you can keep in mind:

  • Less than 150 lbs – The firmness level for you is around 5 to 6 out of ten.
  • 150 to 200 lbs – The industry level of firmness (5 to 7) is a good option.
  • More than 200 lbs – You may want to consider the firmer level from the options above.
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