Kitchen 101: How to Choose Kitchen Bar Stool that Fits Comfortably

The very first thing that you have to keep in mind once you have added an island to your kitchen is the bar stools. They will surely complete the features of your kitchen so everyone will love to stay around for hours.

How to Choose Kitchen Bar Stool

Deciding which kitchen stool is the right one for you, however, can be quite difficult. You will find tons of options that are so tempting to buy. They may look attractive but maybe not really fit the space of your kitchen.

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To help you out, here we have compiled some quick steps to help you to the right on our guide on How to Choose Kitchen Bar Stool!

How to Choose Kitchen Bar Stool

How to Choose Kitchen Bar Stool 1

Measure Everything

The first step that we need to do is to measure the space where you would like to put your kitchen bar stools which are mainly about the height of the bench. By knowing the measurement of the space, you will find it easy to find the right stool size that suits your needs.

You have to ensure that the stools fit properly to sit under the bench when you don’t use them. Another thing is that the space underneath the bench should comfortable enough for your legs to move or sit when you’re sitting on the stool.

Determine the Size

The most popular stool height is around 25 to 27 inches since the average height of a kitchen island is around 35 inches. This measurement is considered ideal since it provides ample space for your legs under the bench, especially for adults.

Kitchen stools which come with higher height may not be really convenient to use since you will need to kinda ‘climb’ up the seat.

Further, you might also want to consider the depth of the seat. Though there’s no ideal rule for this, what you need to ensure is that the seat is cozy enough for you to sit on and fit properly when it’s tucked under the bench.

Choose the Material

Wood is still the most favorite option when it comes to kitchen bar stools. It’s considered a durable material that is also available in a wide range of finishes. The important thing to consider is that you need to choose the powder-coated wood finishes since they can last longer than untreated wood finishes.

Other options are the stools which are made of metal and plastics. The choice actually depends on your available budget.

Pick the Style

A kitchen island is definitely a centerpiece of the room, so you have to make sure that the stools also work to give another attractive touch around. The options are whether you want to make them blend with the nuance of the room to get a harmonious overall look or go more distinctive if you prefer a more eclectic vibe.

Additional Feature

Some stools also come with an additional feature to give more comfort like a swivel. It allows you to move to any direction without leaving the stools.

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