How To Get An Apartment Ready To Be Rented Out To Tenants

When you have bought an investment property to rent out, it is really important that it not sit empty. You’ll be paying taxes and other expenses for a property that doesn’t bring in any revenue. This means that it is essential to get the property ready as quickly as possible to make it rentable.

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The better you take care of the property the less time it will take to rent it out to new tenants. If it is worn out and outdated then there will be fewer people interested. In a renter’s market, you have to have it updated and clean. In this article, we will go over how you should be getting the apartment ready to rent out so it rents fast.

Do a deep clean

One of the worst things a potential tenant can find when they see the rental for the first time is an unclean space. The carpets are usually the worst offender here are the previous tenants may not have taken care to not stain them. Also they tend to absorb pet and cooking odors.

There are also stains in the kitchen and greasy areas from cooking that stand out as well.

It is very important to hire a cleaning crew so you are sure that it looks as close to brand new as it can be. Just vacuuming the carpets is not going to be nearly enough especially if the apartment was lived in for a while.

Hire a company like ​​Woodard Cleaning and Restoration that knows how to do a deep clean that will leave it looking like new and not give a viewer a reason to turn it down. They have the expertise and equipment to do the job well and quickly.

Do an inspection

Some tenants may try to hide some things that would affect them getting their security deposit back. This means that you need to do a thorough inspection to make sure it is ready to be rented out.

Look for damage that could be a problem for safety for the next tenants. Even damage that could cause an inconvenience needs to be dealt with so don’t limit what you are looking for.

Things like mold also need to be found if it is present since this could mean you have a potential serious problem. Not only is it a health hazard for tenants, but it could point to a leak somewhere that will get worse over time.

Give it a paint job

If you do nothing else, make sure that you at least give the apartment a paint job to freshen it up. Walls can get dirty and trying to clean them only makes it worse. The sun can fade the paint and make it look tired.

A fresh paint will brighten up the space and make it look clean and new. It only costs a few hundred dollars to do if you stick to white and in many cases you can do it yourself.

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