Bedroom 101: How to Choose Nightstands for Chic and Cozy Decor

Nightstands serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. That’s why they always become essential parts of every bedroom décor.

How to Choose Nightstands

The main function of nightstands is to provide a storage station for your bedroom stuff that you can reach easily and hide neatly at the same time.  As part of the décor, nightstands should also be able to give a more attractive touch in a balanced way.

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To get nightstands which do both jobs properly is not an easy thing to do, you may end up buying the one that doesn’t really suit you. To help you out, you can refer to our guide on How to Choose Nightstands below.

How to Choose Nightstands

How to Choose Nightstands 1

Choose the Height

Let’s start by choosing the right height for your nightstands since it’s important for them to come with the proper height for ease of access and aesthetic purpose. The rule of thumb is to choose a nightstand with the same height as the mattress.

That being said, if you have a bed with mattress pads, you will need tall nightstands while for shorter beds, the low-profile ones are the best options. Keep in mind to leave ample space between the side of your bed and the nightstands so your blanket can hang properly or you won’t accidentally bump into them.

Measure the Surface

The surface area of a nightstand should be enough to become a storage station for your table lamp, alarm clock, and other bedroom stuff that you’d like to access easily. Pick a nightstand with a large surface area if you have tons of items. If you don’t really have space for a large nightstand, you can consider replacing the table lamp with sconces, hanging those photo frames on the walls, and keeping things inside the drawers.

Pick Storage Space

The main function of nightstands is to keep your bedroom stuff neatly, so choosing the one which comes with built-in ample storage is always a great idea. Nightstands commonly come with drawers, cabinets, and shelves. You can pick the one which comes with only one storage space or combined.

The choice depends on the bedroom stuff that you want to keep hidden or show up. Nightstands which some with multiple drawers or cabinets can be quite bulky, so you also need to measure the available space where you’d like to put them.

Determine the Materials

The materials that build up a nightstand are not only about durability and reliability but it’s also about style. A nightstand made of natural wood with iron hardware is perfect for you who love a traditional vibe while the one which comes with a metal or glass accent is great for a modern decorating style.

Consider Matching Pieces

For you who want to get a gorgeously harmonious overall look, you might want to purchase nightstands that are part of a bedroom set. It allows you to have all the pieces of furniture in a similar look.

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