A Complete Guide on How to Choose Patio Slabs

Building a patio is definitely a fun project to do. It will enhance the beauty and comfort of your exterior area in an instant.

how to choose patio slabs
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A patio is always an exhilarating space that you can use to do a lot of activities, starting from relaxing tea time to a joyful outdoor party. You can invite your friends or family members and everyone will surely have a good time.

To start building a patio, the very first thing that you should keep in mind is the slabs that will cover the area. You can’t have a cozy and gorgeous patio without any slabs or paving.

Of course, you will find tons of options available in the market which can totally confuse you to pick the right one. You may find one type of slab looks so attractive but they might not really suit your patio.

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Below, we share with you a quick guide on how to choose patio slabs that you can use as a reference whether you are about to build a patio or remodel the existing one!

How to Choose Patio Slabs

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Determine the size

The first consideration is that you need to determine the purpose of your project. By knowing this, it will be easier to choose what kind of slabs you need to purchase.

Commonly, the project of improving exterior area is about adding or improving the garden and adding or improving driveway, even combined. A project that starts from scratch is easier since you can choose whatever slabs suit your needs and taste. When it comes to revamping or re-laying, you need to refer to the existing layout of the area to ensure that everything is well-coordinated.

Check your budget

Of course, you need to see how much budget you are willing to spend on this project. The initial factor that can hugely influence the amount of money needed is the size of your exterior area. The larger it is, the more cost that you will spend.

Most homeowners sacrifice quality to save the budget when durability and reliability ars so important when it comes to patio slabs. They have to be able to withstand any weather conditions from time to time. You don’t want to keep updating your patio slab just because they are not durable enough which can cost a lot more.

Refer to your home

As part of the decoration which, in fact, plays a huge role in creating an overall look of your home, you need to refer to the style of your home. It’s always a wiser idea to create a matchy nuance to avoid an awkward vibe.

So, if you decorate your house with rustic nuance, then you can go with the raw brick or concrete slabs, and for you who have a simple minimalist home, the modern sleek labs work well. You can always find some inspiration around your neighborhood or from online pictures.

In addition to those considerations, below we share some key characteristics of misy popular patio paving types. For sure, it will help you to even narrow down the abundant options that you can find in the market.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete slab often becomes the most-favorite option for homeowners who are looking for an affordable price. In fact, concrete is indeed the cheapest option than the others.

Further, the concrete slab is also available in a wide variety of appearances from the textured to the plain ones. The textured concrete slabs are best for you who want to get a more eclectic look and suits best for a driveway. For you who prefer a clean and smooth nuance, the plain ones are your go-to option.

However, most of the concrete slabs are not really that durable and may get dirty a lot. Therefore, always choose concrete slabs with durable structures and seal them to avoid stains and algae.

Natural Stone Slabs

There are some popular materials when it comes to natural stone paving which is sandstone, granite, and limestone. They are also considered the cheapest option within this category of material.

You can find tons of options available regarding the look of natural stone slabs which makes it easy for you to find the one that really flows the decorating style of your home. The color, style, and texture are widely available and can create a particular nuance that distinct your house from your neighbor. Fun fact, the look of natural stones can be uniquely different based on how lights illuminate them.

Porcelain Slabs

If you have an extra budget, a porcelain slab is definitely a great option to consider. Though it can be quite pricey, you will never go wrong by choosing porcelain slabs since they are durable, easy to maintain, and algae resistant. Even you may need to spend a lot at the beginning, the long-term cost won’t bother you at all.

You may find that the porcelain slabs kinda look like natural stones when actually they are man-made material. They indeed replicate the finish of natural stone, so you will get a more glamorous nuance once you install them around.

The durability of porcelain slabs is also about how they stay beautiful for a long time. They will not easily as other options do and you will not need to spend hours cleaning it seasonally due to their stain and algae resistant feature.

Cobbles Block Paving

This one is actually an alternative paving solution that is perfect for you who have a narrow outdoor living space. If the options above are generally made in a larger size, the cobbles block paving works properly for small patios or terraces.

Using large slabs for a narrow patio is not a wise idea since it can create a smaller impression around. At the same time, cobbles blocks don’t really suit large patios since they tend to create an unpleasant overall look.

Moreover, cobble blocks are also good to complete your driveways since they are quite heavy-duty and durable.

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